Thursday, July 30, 2015

Headlines in the News July 30, 2015

The War On Cash: Why Now?
Oil Majors Resigned To Lower Oil Price Environment
If The American Dream Is To Own A Home, Then It Hasn’t Been In Worse Shape Since 1967
Paul Craig Roberts fantastic price on Springfield XD-9 and XD-40 magazines
CME (Coronal Mass Ejection)
California Drought Could Wipe Cities Off Map If Their Water Runs Out
if one has a duty to inform law enforcement of carrying firearm without first being asked.
LA Police Chief pilfers 7 guns, forges checks, steals city cash and gas Boeing says considering moving work overseas due to Ex-Im saga
Fed leaves interest rates unchanged
Average US vehicle age hits record 11.5 years
Leon Cooperman: U.S. economy is growing at a sub-par level
Chinese hackers targeted United Airlines
IMF's Lagarde: World economy fragile, faces downside risks
Millennials have jobs, but still live with mom and dad
Obama Threatens to Veto VA Accountability Act
Gold Manipulation: It’s Much Bigger Than You Think
The War On Cash: Why Now?
Merchants seek to void US$6 billion Visa, MasterCard, AmEx settlements
University of Phoenix under federal investigation over its business practices
Fed ready to hike if data hold
Pending home sales slow
Subway app to start taking PayPal
Biggest Myths About Gold
Fast food visits continue to decline in US
Here’s Why the Federal Reserve Will Raise Short-Term Interest Rates Next Year
Nearly 80% Of Americans Hold Some Form Of Debt
Firm preps staff for Wal-Mart layoffs
Dodd-Frank dragging down economic recovery, House Committee says
Fast food visits continue to decline in US
USDollar/USDX Index

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