Friday, July 24, 2015

Headlines in the News July 24, 2015

The U.S. Economy Is Undergoing Massive Hemorrhaging At The Moment As Poverty Is Spreading Like Wildfire Through The Major Cities.
World Trade Drops Most Since Financial Crisis
Commodities Collapsed Just Before The Last Stock Market Crash â€" So Guess What Is Happening Right Now?
Social Security Disability Fund Could Run Dry in 2016
Gold, Silver, Equities: Megaphone Patterns
Grenade lobbed in baby’s crib, now cop indicted
American students are now being given threat assessments
Student builds ‘Flying Gun’ drone U.S. Army To Recruiters: Treat Armed Citizens as Security Threat
Part 4
Copper, China And World Trade Are All Screaming That The Next Economic Crisis Is Here
More Than 135 Million Records Breached So Far in 2015
The '9 to 5' job is going extinct
Post-crisis Europe and Canadian economic jitters
Former Corinthian College Students Seek To File $2.5B Claim Against Bankrupt For-Profit Operator
Americans Are Fleeing US Cities in Record Numbers. Why?
US Jobless Claims Lowest Since 1973; Leading Index Rises
OPEC is costing OPEC $200 billion a year
Is your car safe from hackers?
Higher gas prices frustrate California drivers
McDonald’s CEO: ‘No silver bullet’ for U.S. business
Homeland Security cybercrime center expands amid growing concern over computer hacking
Government not spending money wisely?
GAO Finds $60B Medicare Errorsâ€"â€"23,400 Potentially Fraudulent Physician Address, Including Dozens Of Practice Locations Inside UPS Mailing Stores!
Bad roads cost car owners billions
Where Gold Goes From Here
Keiser Report: Bankers Lives Matter
Dunkin' CEO: $15 min wage is 'outrageous'
Lawsuit accuses 22 banks of manipulating U.S. Treasury auctions
'I'm Bullish' On Gold, Fed In A Hurry To Raise Rates - Jim Grant
UBS backs away from its Puerto Rico funds after downgrades
Laws passed, Greece to open bailout talks as recession pushes goals further
Security recommendations on 7,000 military sites coming
Amazon is now worth more than Wal-Mart
USDollar/USDX Index

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