Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Precious Metals Stories in the News Jun 10

Jun 10 Gold Market Update  CliveMaund   
Jun 10 Watch/Listen Brent Johnson on gold & money  RealVisionTV    Get $100 off subscription w/discount code 321GOLD - Offer ends on Fri 12 Jun
Jun 10 Debt and the Tinderbox  DI   
Jun 10 For Indians, gold a barbarous relic for barbarous times  NM   
Jun 10 Agriculture will drive Africa's rise to economic power  Guardian   
Jun 10 Four Years in Prison for Running a Social Security-Like Ponzi Scheme  Sprott   
Jun 10 2 charts show the markets could be heading for a big correction  BI   
Jun 10 How The NYT And White House Turn The Truth About Ukraine On Its Head  DSCC   
Jun 10 How your eyes betray your thoughts  Guardian   

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