Monday, June 15, 2015

Energy Stories in the News Jun 15

North Sea Oil to Korea Nears Record as Refiner Rates Seen Rising
UAE oil minister says studying fuel subsidies, report ready soon
Oil Declines a Third Day as U.S., OPEC Output Prolongs Surplus
Iran Welcomes Shell, BP, Total and American Oil Companies
Mideast oil powers Saudi Arabia, UAE to cut gasoline imports
Iran hits new record in natural gas production
Stable US coal production for week ending 6 June
Abbott blind to coal's decline
India's growing demand drives NSW's coal export
Feds eye small nuclear reactors for key role in U.S. energy policy
After a pause of four decades, India to receive nuclear fuel supply from Canada in autumn 2015
$150m nuclear fuel bank in Kazakhstan
Russian Oil Oligarch Has Put $450 Million Into Solar Energy Bet
Wind energy industry touts global growing business appeal
Panasonic To Increase Solar Module Production Capacity To 1 GW
U.S. buyers scoop up Brazilian ethanol amid RIN revival
Gas increase slows, drop still forecast

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