Monday, June 8, 2015

Energy Stories in the News Jun 08

Iran: Russia will begin importing our oil this week
China Now World's Largest Oil Importer; Effect on Global Market
Nigeria Could Boost Oil Output With Changed Funding, Seplat Says
Libyan Oil Exports Settle into New Routine
China seeks to strengthen position in natural gas sector in Mozambique
Natural gas field off Cyprus commercially viable
Gazprom sinks amid Asia-expansion spending as EU profits slump
Five G7 nations increased their coal use over a five-year period, research shows
China coal imports slump further in May as policies bite
Nuclear industry pushing for renewal of U.S.-China agreement
South Korea axes four coal plants, plans two new nuclear units
IAEA studies Syrian request to use lower grade nuclear fuel in reactor
There's a flood of solar farms in the U.S. that are racing to beat a government deadline
Scotland's wind energy increases 83% to power 2.5 million homes
SunEdison Awarded 371 Megawatts across Five Solar Projects in South Africa
Japan's 2014-15 gasoline, gasoil refining margins at multi-year highs

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