Thursday, April 2, 2015

Precious Metals Stories in the News Apr 02

Apr 02 color=red>FYI Canadian/US Easter Holiday Market Schedule  321gold   
Apr 02 China to Take the Reins in Funding Regional Infrastructure Projects  USfunds   
Apr 02 Bernanke Double Tap  Brady Willett FallStreet   
Apr 02 The fall of tyranny, the rise of liberty  BarbarousRelic   
Apr 02 Australia wants to tax bank deposits. Does anyone think the US won't?  SovereignMan   
Apr 02 Repeal, Don't Reform the IMF  RPI   
Apr 02 Novo [web] Completes acquisition of Beatons Creek leases  StockWatch   
Apr 02 Red Eagle [web] Financing Completed  RD   
Apr 02 Freeze Outs, Glitches and Holds Increasingly Locking Customers Out of Funds  SHTFplan   
Apr 02 TPP Investor Language Will Leave Taxpayers on the Hook  HuffingtonPost   
Apr 02 US vs Russia: Even Stephen Cohen Is Starting to Speak the Truth  IWB   
Apr 02 Europe's first non-beating heart transplant  BBC   

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