Friday, April 10, 2015

Headlines in the News April 10, 2015

JP Morgan Issues Warning To Shareholders Concerning Next Financial Crisis
Feedlot, packer margins continue climb out of the red
THE COMING GOLD RUSH: There’s A Lot Less Gold In The World
When you think the financial world can’t get any crazier… this happens
Officer Feared for His Life, so He Shot & Killed This Family’s Tiny Miniature Pig
Video: Bill Whittle Doctors Say Tick Borne ‘Powassan Virus’ Is Worse Than Lyme Disease
Obama’s EPA making California drought crisis worse?
Kuwait Reintroduces Compulsory Military Service For Citizens
China Gold Reserves Rise To Threatening Level
One Last Look At The Real Economy Before It Implodes Euro Zone Sets Greece Reform Deadline Ahead of IMF Repayment
Why This Earnings Season Could Be The Worst Since 2009
Minimum Wage: Disadvantaged Youth Are Crucial Issue
Who Will Control The World’s Water: Governments Or Corporations?
The US Gov Can Download the Entire Contents of Your Computer at Border Crossings
Obama gun control push backfires as industry sees unprecedented surge
Police arrest 5 fake Long Island detectives IRS ordered to release list of targeted tea party groups
US Unemployment Aid Applications Rise to 281,000
JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon: “The expensive lessons that I will not forget”
Bank Deposits No Longer Guaranteed By Austrian Government
What Greece Needs, Putin Can't Provide
US holds potential game-changing cards at Americas summit
Federal banking official to meet with Colorado pot industry workers, congressmen
Walgreens shutters 200 U.S. stores
A Bloomberg analyst just traveled across China and came back with a serious warning for the global economy
When you think the financial world can’t get any crazier… this happens
Utility to pay $1.6B after deadly California pipeline rupture
Greece confirms it will meet IMF loan repayment deadline
Gallup: Most Americans Still Unhappy With Obamacare
One Last Look At The Real Economy Before It Implodes -
Elder Care Costs Keep Rising; Nursing Home Bill Now $91,000
Bernanke’s Conga Line Of Liquid Courage: Central Banks Race To The Bottom
Confident Americans Resume Their Shopping Spree
Report: 39,000 immigrant kids coming to U.S.
Q1 Economic Slowdown Does Not Deter Freddie Mac’s Positive Forecast for Housing
Keiser Report: Greek Ugly Scenario
Deutsche Bank Nears Plea Deal Over Libor Manipulation
Americans' View on the Economy Hits 8-Year High
Japanese pharmaceutical company Eisai Co to cut about 450 jobs in U.S.
Dunkin’ Donuts debuts mobile payment via Google Wallet
Investigation shows hundreds of security breaches at U.S. airports
Undercover Investigation Finds Serious Problems With Paid Tax Preparers
Nearly 1 of 3 banks don’t require vendors to report data breaches
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