Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Headlines in the News April 08, 2015

Greece Wants 279 Billion Euros From Germany for WWII Reparations
Oil fallout: U.S. companies kill over 51,000 jobs
One economist says the surge in job openings shows an economy at 'full employment'
Coco’s, Carrows closures leave thousands unemployed
Where the Gas Money is Going
1 in 4 poor Americans fear technology will replace their job
Goldman: Fed Should Delay Rate Hikes as Inflation Stays Tame
U.S. job openings reach 14-year high; hiring dips
The Fed Has No Intention To Raise Rates â€" Marc Faber
Americans are way too confident about their finances, study finds
21 Days: Treasury Says Debt Has Been Frozen at $18,112,975,000,000
The Pentagon’s $10 billion bet gone bad
Gas Prices Seen 32% Lower This Summer Than a Year Ago
How the U.S. thinks Russians hacked the White House
Fannie Mae: Slow Wage Growth Stalls Consumer Housing Sentiment
The Great American Skilled Worker Shortage
Dealing With Drought: Quenching California’s Thirst
Russia ready to offer Greeks cash in return for assets
Canadian taxpayers lose $3.5-billion on 2009 bailout of auto firms
Halliburton picks business units to sell as part of Baker Hughes megadeal
US economy is not as strong as some think
Domino's CEO: "We've got to pay more"
Many Obamacare Policyholders Face Tax Surprises This Year
Saddam Hussein's revenge from beyond the grave: How ISIS's land grab across the Middle East is being orchestrated by former Iraqi dictator's generals
The IMF says Larry Summers is rightâ€"and Ben Bernanke is wrongâ€"about economic stagnation
Ownership is Just Another Victim of the Fed
USDollar/USDX Index

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