Thursday, April 2, 2015

Headlines in the News April 02, 2015

Visa demand for high-skilled foreigners is likely to prompt lottery
Private sector created only 189,000 jobs in March: ADP
California Imposes First-Ever Water Restrictions to Deal With Drought
US truck driver shortage getting worse, turnover figures show
Seattle's Minimum Wage Hike Pits Business vs. Business
McDonald's Is Raising Wages For Some Workers
Guess Which Fortune 500 Company Might Get $259 Million Loan From Energy Department
Australia wants to tax bank deposits. Does anyone think the US won’t?
Central Banking Debunked in One Blog
Brazil's Dilma Rousseff: There Will Be No Economic Intervention Policy
US Mint Bullion Sales Quicken in March
Citizens Against Government WasteReport: Cut Waste in Gov’t, Save Taxpayers $639,000,000,000
Federal regulators say Kraft Foods fixed wheat prices
Gas prices could stay low for summer driving season
Trader Does Not See Crude Higher Until at Least 2016
Report: 36,000 Americans Use Special Obamacare Signup Period
Morgan Stanley boosts CEO pay to $16 million in 2014: filing
IRS Ignores More Than 60% of Calls During Tax Season
If Anyone Doubts That We Are In A Stock Market Bubble, Show Them This Article
99% Of People Don't Know When They're In A Bull Market
Administration Awards $31.5 Million To Encourage Food Stamp Recipients To Eat More Fruits, Veggies
$400K helmet helps F-35 Lightning II pilot 'see through the plane'
Cheap gas is saving Americans $750. So far, they aren't spending it
“The Mother of All Bubbles” in Stocks and Bonds: Bank CEO
USDollar/USDX Index

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