Monday, March 30, 2015

Headlines in the News March 30, 2015

U.S. Oil Glut Story Grossly Exaggerated
3 Very Real Reasons Why Lower Oil Prices Could Be The Catalyst For World War III
Central Banks Warn: Liquidity May Evaporate When Investors Finally Remove Blindfolds
Largest for-profit sees half of its students vanish in last five years: For-profits under fire as value comes into question.
Fitch Continues the Downgrade Parade Reduces Greece to Junk Status Down to CCC
Big elections coming up in Mexico
Rounding people up exercise with Blackhawks
Ontario Teacher Disciplined for Criticizing Child Procurement Program
Rate of Illegal Immigrant Males in Workforce 12 Percent Higher Than US-Born Males
Denmark applies to join China-backed AIIB investment bank
EU Inflation And US Jobs Data To Decide USD Fate
This controversial theory has got Janet Yellen worried
Australia To Start Taxing Bank Deposits
Gold, QE & The Economic & Financial Disasters Wrought by Central Banks
Remember the last time people got paid to borrow money? It didn’t end well.
Worst Revenue & Earnings Declines Since Crisis Year 2009
Slow economy could prompt Iran to take nuclear deal
The Jobs Report: More Than A Number
U.S. oil storage crunch might cut crude prices
American taxpayers give an $18 billion gift to the post office every year
China’s Potential Deflation Threatens to Overthrow Global Monetary Order
Paul Craig Roberts-Inflationary Depression Coming
Western banks axed 59,000 jobs last year, more cuts to come in Europe
Greek reform list yet to take shape as talks with lenders continue
Aviation is fast approaching the post-pilot era
Everything in the economy’s slowing down except for job creation
What Exactly Congress Is Spending Your Dollars On
Best Buy Closes 66 Canadian Stores, Fires 1,500 Workers
Former terrorist was cleared for expedited TSA checkpoint
Inside the new pay day loan rules from the CFPB
6.5 Million New Reasons to Worry About Your Social Security
Smiling selfies at Manhattan blast site anger some
USDollar/USDX Index

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