Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Energy Stories in the News Mar 17

Indian refineries step up oil imports from newer geographies like Mexico, Iraq
Britain needs oil tax cuts to attract North Sea investment
Obama Let 40-Year-Old Oil Supply Guarantee to Israel Expire in November 2014
Oil down 2 percent, U.S. crude hits 6-year low on growing stocks, Iran talks
OPEC warns U.S. oil boom could decline by year-end
Low global oil prices unlikely to slow some US LNG projects: analyst
Woodside Petroleum shuts Pluto LNG plant as rig comes adrift
GAIL Tries Again for LNG Ships
China coal giant calls for "minimum price" to ease sector losses
Coal auction: India names 8 winners in 2nd lot; withholds 6 names
Almost 17% of expected 2015 US coal output below market pricing – Woodmac
Japan utilities set to scrap five ageing nuclear reactors
Iran nuclear deal may open oil taps in months, not weeks
Transforming China's West Into A Hub For Solar Energy
Scatec Solar to invest $300 million in Egypt for up to 200 MW of solar
Wind farms are making the North Sea one of the world's most overcrowded bodies of water

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