Monday, March 16, 2015

Energy Stories in the News Mar 16

Saudi Oil Adviser Says Strengthening Demand Will Lift Prices
Nigeria: Oil Slide - Chevron U.S Asset Sales to U.S.$15 Billion
Oil pipelines spreading regardless of Keystone
Iran to boost its oil derivatives exports
Euro oil giants use trading prowess to profit from slump
Turkmen gas delivery through Iran – reality or possibility?
After oil, a glut of natural gas may be next to flood energy markets
Global LNG-Asia prices steady, buyers well-stocked
Gloncore fails its first test - EAO
UK January thermal coal imports fall 13% year on year, but hit eight-month high
Orascom, IPIC to build 3000MW coal-fired plant in Egypt
Iran deal could start nuclear fuel race - Saudi Arabia
Russia calls Egypt 'centre of the universe', announces nuclear plant, tourism cooperation
Trina Solar & Vivint Solar Partner To Install Smart Solar Modules In North America
Hat Trick In Southern Turkey For First Solar
European Commission Wants 3 Chinese Manufacturers (Canadian Solar, ET Solar, & Renesola) Removed From Minimum Price Agreement, Citing Breaches Of Agreement

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