Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Today's excitement? Building more garden beds....

Well today's excitement was an early workout with manure, rock dust minerals, and wood chips.  Still working on the garden beds in the front yard.  I am piling the manure in the new bed about 8-10 inches deep, a dusting of rock minerals on top, and then about 8 inches of wood chips.  Then I will be coming back around after complete building these with some water and nitrogen fertilizer to kick in the composting process.

The beds that were already in use last year have a nice layer of soil in them, so I am piling about 6 inches of manure in each of those, some rock dust minerals, and then about 8 inches of wood chip mulch on those as well.  I have 2 more beds to finish up as soon as the unseasonably warm weather cooks off the layer of ice/snow on one end of the beds that don't get much sunlight as it is on the north side of the house. 

This has me thinking about possibly planting some trees up in this shade of the house that have issues with late frosts killing the blooms like cherries, peaches, apricots etc.  Since the north side is sheltered it takes longer for it to warm up and possibly will delay the bloom on those trees so they wouldn't get tricked into blooming early.  I have to give this some more thought and do some more reading on this idea.  I might just work...

Now is the time to be working those garden plans if your not already.  Your best investment you can possibly make is in water and soil this time of year.  Start thinking about your water harvesting, collection and garden sustainability.  I am on a mad dash run to get things in place here.  Rumors are circling about layoffs where I work so I need to do everything I can now.  It should ensure that we have something to eat this summer and maybe something we can put away for the fall and winter. 

If you haven't ordered your seeds.... You snooze, you loose!  Unless of course you are happy with the hybrid and Monsanto owned seeds at Wally World...  This time of year you have a choice.  Choose wisely!

Take care and God Bless,

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