Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fools gold - why you should NOT invest in gold, silver, and precious metals

Ok, I am sure I am going to catch some heat over the title of this post, but I think the facts speak for themselves.   If I catch a lot of heat it will be from those who have probably invested heavily in the precious metals markets thinking they would be covered in the present economic collapse.  Let me just state that I too was once a believer in precious metals.  Gold and silver investments, a gold standard and gold is money.  But I have since learned some lessons from history, and I have watched over the last few years at what has happened to the gold and silver markets. 

Anyone who has been reading and watching the gold and silver markets and the soap opera that has been unfolding over allegations of market manipulation, market control, and criminal banking and regulators should know by now that the fox is watching the chicken coop.   The banks OWN the metals markets, they have regulated themselves PAPER precious metals, and built in massive leverage mechanisms to push the price higher or lower on a whim.  People have come forward and admitted they were doing this for the banks as people directly involved with the operations.  What happened?  They were ignored, and worse yet very bad things happened to the whistle blowers and their families.  Moral of the story is this.  The Money Masters have figured out how to make fiat gold and silver.  They have found a way to OWN the regulators, and they have the ability to manipulate the metals markets without recourse.  So own metals at your own risk.  If you do decide to buy some metals then take possession and I would not make them a primary holding.   Hold only a small amount for emergencies.

What to do then?  We have to build our own barter and currency.  Own tangible things that will produce food, shelter, water, and a means of trade in the future.  Land with the intention of working it, not speculative investment is wise.  I would take a large pile of manure, wood chips, and some heirloom seeds long before I would accept precious metals.  A good workable piece of land of course would be nice first.  Livestock and building materials are far more important than wasting our time messing with investments that are owned and controlled by the very people who are responsible for the global economic mess.

The metals market is just too small, and the central banks have too much funny money to play games with the metals markets.  I am seeing similar things happening to alternatives like the electronic currency called Bitcoin.  Let's face it, the money system is their primary method of control.   As long as we are force to exchange our labor and lives for their money we are going to be enslaved.

If you have already gotten all your preps ready, have your property bought, and have your systems and everything setup then that is fantastic.  Your way ahead of most of us.  Then maybe investments in other areas might make sense.  Frankly I personally would still steer clear of the metals markets unless your talking about lead... Lead is a pretty valuable precious metal after all!

I personally have divested what metals I had and put it into buying our property and getting the ball rolling.  It has been a long time coming, but I don't feel bad about it.  I wish I had known more about the nature of this beast and maybe my focus would have been different.  As long as we are going to play in the devil's playground you gotta expect to get FORKED!

For this very reason I am now completely against the idea of a gold standard.  As long as the money master own the metals markets they can crash or boom the economy at will.  It would give them the same ability they have today.  I have decided the method imployed by Lincoln and Franklin to issue or own currency makes more sense.  To just pay off the debt, go to a full reserve banking system, and then we control the issue of our own money.  If we ban issue a bond for a debt then we can just issue the money into circulation directly.  No central bank needed, no borrowing needed.  The apportion the issuance of the currency based on the population growth, and in times of war allow for emergency provisions to issue more currency as needed.  Put the control of the money system back in the hands of the people with NO DEBT attached.  Until that happens we are slaves to the all mighty dollar with a debt based system that can never be repaid.

We will have to begin to issue our own method of exchanging services and goods in our local communities where we do not rely on the Federal Reserve Notes(FRN).  Once we can convince others to come along and join use our communities can begin to thrive again as there isn't this vampire of debt that is sucking the blood out of the system.  I hope you will join me this new way of thinking and doing things.   Avoid the dollar system, and the precious metals system.  The sooner we do this the sooner we will be free.

Here are some clips from a good documentary that was on PBS called "Fixing the Future".  I personally would love to see the concept of "Time Banking" catch on everywhere.  Here are some links to clips from the documentary.   Looks like the full documentary is no longer online that I can find.  :-(

Fixing the Future Trailer:

Fixing the Future Clips:
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I hope you had a wonderful weekend....  I have just enjoyed a nice Sabbath, did some studying for work, and went and got a load of manure for the garden.  Overall a very productive weekend.  I hope your weekend has been equally as productive. 

God Bless,

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