Monday, November 11, 2013

Interesting Headlines in the News Nov 11

Socialism Brought Home
Citi forecasts Greek devastation, unstoppable debt spirals in Italy and Portugal
JP Morgan sees 'most extreme excess' of global liquidity ever
Measured Against Gold, US Dollar Purchasing Power Drops By 99.9%
Final Toast to WWII Doolittle Raiders: 'May They Rest in Peace'
Federal Debt Jumped $409 Billion in October; $3,567 Per Household
3D Printed Gun Inventor Embarks on New Project: Dark Wallet
The Mythical History of Money, Credit and Gold
When The World's Largest Gold Vault Gets Cleaned Out
Fed ‘Backed Into a Corner,’ Low Rates and QE Here To Stay: Belski
How Obama Overlooked 10 Million Americans Who Could Lose Health Insurance
EU leaders to set tight timetable on completing banking union
Marc Faber: Fed could up QE to $1 trillion a month
Expert confirms radioactive water on way to West Coast and arriving in next few months; Will we really be told if it's dangerous?
Man Opens Old Safe, Discovers Gold Coins
A Closer Look At Bank Bail-Ins And The Black Hole Of Our System
AP Estimate: At Least 3.5 Million People Have Had Their Health Insurance Canceled
Man Who Predicted Surge In Gold Says Rally Just Beginning
Chaos Now Ready To Explode As The West Begins To Collapse
60-Year Market Veteran - People Missed Major News Today
China Is Preparing To Declare Financial War Against The US
Financial Destruction Will Be Unleashed On Global Economies
Richard Russell - The Financial System Has Been Destroyed
Wal-Mart Moms Vent On Economy And 'Disgusting' Politics
Unemployment Falls But Hiring Slows
Gas Prices Slip Below $3 In Missouri
Are You Paying More Than Your Parents?
Private Sector Hiring Slowest In Six Months
Fed stimulus: No end in sight
Medicare docs face 24% pay cut ... again
The Top 6 Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Second Passport
Chained CPI Chains Taxpayers
Man throws away $500,000 in gold to spite ex-wife
Rocky Mountain Tree-Killers, The New Biomass
Friggin' in the Riggin': Traders Claim Oil Price Manipulation
The Case for Gold
Pros and Cons of Concierge Medicine
Final Toast for Doolittle Raiders
Your share of the national debt is now $1.1 million
The Progressive's Progress
All-Time High Unemployment: The Economic Depression In Europe Just Keeps Getting Deeper
Another One Trillion Dollars ($1,000,000,000,000) In Debt
Don’t Worry – The Government Says That The Inflation You See Is Just Your Imagination
The Growing Rift With Saudi Arabia Threatens To Severely Damage The Petrodollar
Tide Thefts, Cargo Hijacking And Cattle Rustling: Why Is An Epidemic Of Thievery Sweeping America?
Kerry: US not going to 'rush' into Iran deal
In shift, GOP wants ObamaCare fix
Annihilation Of U.S. Dollar Coming - Jim Sinclair
LIBOR Rates.
11 Signs Of A False Flag
Fed to Test Banks for Interest Rate Rise, Housing Collapse
Manufacturers Shake Off Effect of Budget Impasse
Manufacturing in U.S. Expands at Faster Pace Than Forecast
Wall Street Analyst Explains Why Bitcoin Is Back From The Dead And Surging To All-Time Highs
Tiberius Used Quantitative Easing To Solve The Financial Crisis Of 33 AD
De-Crowning The Dollar, And The 'Collapse' Ahead
Census Bureau: Means-Tested Government Benefit Recipients Outnumber Full-Time Year-Round Workers
Government to Run Budget Deficits Until 2038; How Can Money Printing Stop?
Bitcoin Senate Hearing November 18
Fed Drops a Strong Hint
Jobs Report Brings Back Taper Issue
Why Curved Smartphones Aren't Such A Crazy Idea After All
Factory Slowdown: Private Manufacturers' Sales Slowing
Iran's Nuclear Talks: Theater of the Absurd
The U.S. Secret State and the Internet: "Dirty Secrets" and "Crypto Wars" from "Clipper Chip" and ECHELON to PRISM
Silver Eagle Bullion Coin Sales Head For Annual Record Over 40 Million
The Superman of hard drives: New 5-dimensional computer 'memory crystal' will survive the human race, say scientists
GCHQ used 'Quantum Insert' technique to set up fake LinkedIn pages and spy on mobile phone giants
A digital escape from North Korea's secret state: Kim Jong-un faces threat from undercover films posted on the web
Obamacare Rationing: Seniors’ Doctors Get Booted From Medicare Advantage
Gold inches up after suffering from jobs report
Kiss The Dollar Goodbye
Chart: Here's How Much the Fed Is Affecting the Stock Market
What Is The Federal Reserve’s End Goal? Follow The Money And You Will Find No Intention Of Tapering, Out Of Control Public Debt, And Financial Steroids For Stocks. Fed Balance Sheet Up $55 Billion In One Week.
McJobs For McAmerica – Fastest Growing Jobs In Low Wage Sectors. Of 10 Largest Occupations In US Only One Pays More Than $35,000 Per Year.
Means-Tested Recovery: Over 108,000,000 Americans Received Means-Tested Benefits In Latest Report From Census Bureau, More Than Are Currently Employed Full-Time.
US Households Cannot Avoid Soft Default Consequences Of Deleveraging: While US Households Continue To Unwind Debt Total Public Debt Soars Out Of Control.
Arrested economic development: 36 percent of Millennials living at home delaying financial adulthood. Less than one-third of Millennials employed.
How the Authors of Obamacare Protected Insurance Companies
Does End of Cent Mean End of Coins?
Shining light on Hillary Clinton's media blackout
How To Build Wealth In This Economy: “Rattle Snake Investing”
Over at Mac Slavo's blog: Pennsylvania Food Bank Head Warns Demand Cannot be Met
We Are Close to The End: “The Con Job Is Up”
Man buys $27 of Bitcoin, forgets about them, finds they're now worth $886,000
U.S. No Longer Among 20 Most Economically Prosperous Countries
Warren Buffett Continues His Praise of JP Morgan's Jamie Dimon
Meet the American Nomads of Walmart’s Plentiful Parking Lots
Hospitals cut thousands of jobs
Unemployment payouts since 2008 at record level
What Is The Timeframe For US Dollar Collapse? Mike Maloney
Paul Craig Roberts:  Fed Trapped By Money Printing
Central Bank Monetary Cures Cannot Work
Keiser Report 521
Fed Wants Inflation to Sustain Asset Bubbles & Monetize Debt
Secret TPP Trade Negotiations are Next Step in NWO
The Carlyle Group’s Latest Investment... Trailer Parks
Ron Paul Rages On the Debt Ceiling Deal: DC Wins, America Loses
Detroit Pensioners Face Miserable 16 Cent On The Dollar Recovery
Congress To Eliminate The Debt By Not Counting It Anymore...
Global System Reset:  2014-2015
The Ten US Cities With Less Than Ten Days Of Cash On Hand
Where Is The US Labor Market Heading?
Are Constitutional Conservatives Really The Boogeyman?
Initial Claims Miss As California Catches Up With Claims Backlog
Weekly Consumer Comfort Index Tumbles To Lowest Since October 2012
Today, America's Foodstamps Program Gets A 6% Haircut: What Happens Next?
Greek Companies Unable To Pay Taxes Explode From 182,000 To Over Half A Million In One Month
Treasury Scrambles to Raise $60 Billion Extra Cash Ahead of Next Debt Ceiling Fight
Treasury Will Issue Its First Floaters On January 29, 2014

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