Thursday, November 28, 2013

Interesting Energy Stories in the News Nov 28

Syria's oil exports decline as output plummets
Iraqi Oil Field Launch to Help Double LUKoil Foreign Oil Production
OPEC to Keep Oil Supply Target Steady Next Week: Survey
Venezuela to Send Reasonable Oil Exports to U.S., More to Asia
Angola Destroys Its Crude Oil
Will natural gas eventually come from sea ice? Prospect thrills some, dismays others
Japan's old but fresh debate on third-party access at its LNG terminals
European Ports Support LNG Bunkering, Cool on Cold Ironing
China to Stabilize Coal Market Through Tax Cuts, Import Reforms
EIA: Coal-fired power generators continue to dominate central region
Canadian nuclear industry delegation to visit India
S.Korea nuclear reactor hit by automatic shutdown; six units now off
Gulf states in nuclear call to Iran
EU Imposes Tariffs on Chinese Solar-Glass Exporters Up to 42.1%
Solar Wafer Manufacturing Costs Fall by Two Thirds
Ethanol Gains as Report Shows Supplies Dropped Last Week
U.S. Gasoline Inventories rises more-than-expected

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