Friday, October 18, 2013

Interesting Headlines in the News Oct 18

Boehner says U.S. on path to default if Obama won't negotiate
New Jersey Island Won’t Get Its Landlines Back After Sandy Because Copper Is Too Expensive
'The debt ceiling is not a ceiling'
There's no actual debt ceiling right now
Chinese Credit Agency Downgrades U.S. Debt (Again)
Markets Rally on Return of Federal Soap Opera
Why the Internet Hates Obamacare
Where Did The Gold Go?
The Job Situation Looks A Little Worse
Shutdown doesn't hurt us? That's bull
33 Stats That Prove That SOMETHING Desperately Needs To Be Done About The National Debt
Debt Deadline Approaches: Here’s What Would Happen If U.S. Defaults
Gold Crushed! 2013 Losses Now Over 20%
Heavy Metal: Gold Could Rush Back To $1,425 Says Jeff Kilburg
Retailers’ Warning To Congress: You’re Killing Christmas!
US Is Broke, Can't Afford To Raise The Debt Ceiling Says Schiff
Catastrophic Consequences of a U.S. Default Explained
“The Party Is Over” For Housing — And Bank Earnings: Chris Whalen
The Biggest Drag on the Job Market Just Got Bigger
Detroit Defaults On More Than $600 Million Of 'Unsecured' GO Bonds
Dollar Pressured By U.S. Politics, Global Stocks Flatline
Postal Service Defaults On $5.6 Billion Payment
Did JPMorgan Admit to Market Manipulation? Not Really
This Is What Has The United States Truly Terrified
There Is No Question That We Are Now In The End Game
Governments Will Start Panicking As Chaos & Crisis Accelerates
This Will Create A Horrific Collapse That Will Shock The World
Home Prices Continue To Climb
How Government Shutdown Would Hurt Main Street
New Homes Sales Climb 8%
It's Official:  No Jobs Reports
Jobless Claims Rise, And Hiring Remains Slow
Lew: Benefits at risk without rise in debt ceiling
Unemployment Claims Surge, Partly Due To Shutdown
The Jim Rogers view on gold
Janet Yellen Exposed -- The Truth Behind the Myth
Panama Declares Banking Holiday
Precious Metals: Today's Similarities with 1976
Deep Divide Lingers After Impasse Ends
Obama's Agenda Faces Rocky Road
ObamaCare's Black Box
House Conservatives Gird for Next Budget Battles
Jim DeMint: We Won't Back Down on ObamaCare
Blackstone Investor Sees 'Epic' Credit Bubble
'China's Google' begins accepting Bitcoin
US avoids default as Congress passes deal to end shutdown
Obamacare: The New Vietnam
Chase Bank Limits Cash Withdrawals and Wire Transfers
Happy 100th Anniversary, Federal Income Tax
22 Reasons To Be Concerned About The U.S. Economy As We Head Into The Holiday Season
9 Signs That China Is Making A Move Against The U.S. Dollar
Obama Offers Two Choices: Unconditional Surrender Or Default
Obama to pick former Pentagon lawyer to replace Napolitano
Pipelines pose less risks than trains or trucks in carrying oil
GOP's McConnell promises no more shutdowns over ObamaCare
MasterCard joining push for fingerprint ID standard
Here's Why Unemployment Is Still At Unacceptable Levels
Where's sense of crisis in a 17% government shutdown?
LIBOR Rates.
Government Shutdown: The Next Step In The Collapse Of The Dollar?
World Bank Whistleblower Karen Hudes Reveals How The Global Elite Rule The World
Beechcraft Owners Said to Be Approaching Potential Bidder
EBay, Ellison Embrace Microgrids in Threat to Utilities
'You Should Be Concerned': Obama Warns World Markets There Is No Guarantee U.S. Will Avoid Defaulting On Its Debts
The Theme Song Is "Yuan The Mighty Dragon"
The FBI's Plan For The Millions Worth Of Bitcoins Seized From Silk Road
China Downgrades US Debt: Should Investors Care?
Derivatives And The Government Shutdown: Wall Street Bets One Thousand Trillion Dollars Of Everybody Else’s Money
What the wealthy are doing to beat inflation
Texas eliminates sales tax on precious metals coins
Nothing left to financially lose: Biggest drop in confidence since Lehman Brothers and why some are unmoved by government shutdown.
Nothing Left To Financially Lose: Biggest Drop In Confidence Since Lehman Brothers And Why Some Are Unmoved By Government Shutdown.
The Rise Of A Semi-Employed America: Amazon To Hire 70,000 Part-Time Workers While Merck Will Fire 8,500 Full-Time Employees. Before Recession 4 Million Part-Time Workers, Today Over 8 Million.
The Grand Financial Shift: Rich Own Assets While Poor And Working Class Deep In Debt. 70 Percent Of Wealth For The Bottom 80 Percent Locked Up In Principal Residence.
Going For Broke: The Multiple Lost Decades Of US Household Income. Is It Possible To Have A Recovery While The Standard Of Living Collapses?
The US cannot avoid a soft default even if a hard default is avoided: Debt ceiling already breached and US Treasury operating in emergency mode while US is paying $415 billion in annual interest expenses.
Ted Cruz Is Finished
Ted Cruz Is Just Getting Started
Treasury warns default could be worse than Great Recession
Congress: Don't destroy the patent system in order to save it
Chelsea Clinton won't rule out bid for office
The jobs report is back
Nobel Prize U.S. winner warns of 'bubbly' global home prices
Silk Road site and DPR's Bitcoins seized
Peer-to-Peer Economy Thrives as Activists Vacate the System
Fitch Places U.S. on Rating Watch Negative, Markets Slump
NAPOLITANO: A rising torrent of debt and destruction
NSA spy chief to step down
Pelosi on pork project: 'What difference does it make?'
Gerald Celente - The 2nd US Revolution is Coming
Dr. Jim Willie-Big Banks in Danger of Imploding
Keiser Report Episode 511
European Central Bank Chief Mario Draghi Comments On Gold
Peter Schiff: Janet Yellen as Fed Chairman is Very Bullish for Gold
More Shutdowns Ahead as US Ruled by Casino Capitalism
Ron Paul's Pod Cast Nation #33 ~ Calling Iran
Lessons from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident
Money Is Not Safe In The Big Banks
CFTC Concludes Long-Running Silver Manipulation Investigation, Finds Nothing Wrong
Peter Schiff Was Right Part Deux: The “Taper” Edition
Wal-Mart Nails The "Consumer Recovery" Coffin Shut
Ron Paul: "The Country Is Bankrupt... The People Are Being Bamboozled"
US Banks Stuffing ATMs With 20-30% More Cash In Case Of Panicked Withdrawals
A Depressed Bank Of America Predicts "Agreement Is Almost Impossible As Long As Obamacare Is On The Table"
Peter Schiff Warns Yellen's Nomination Means Any QE Taper Expectations Are "Delusional"
If We Are In An Economic Recovery, Why Are Major Corporations Firing Thousands?
The "Aggregation Of Rackets" That American Life Has Become Is Rolling Over
What China Really Thinks of the Shutdown
Marc Faber Warns "There Is No Safe Haven"

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