Monday, September 30, 2013

Interesting Headlines in the News Sep 30

Why The Dow Is Getting A Makevoer And What It Means For The Economy
James Rickards: “When The International Monetary System Collapses—It’s Going To Be About How Much Gold You Have”
Greek unemployment rises to record 27.9 percent in June
IRS: Cheapest Obamacare Plan Will Be $20,000 Per Family
The Deadly Origins of the Next Disruptive Technology
Median Household Income Has Fallen For Five Years In A Row
The U.S. Economy Is Close To Imploding
Gold Rallies on Fed’s Taper Delay; Jim Rogers Forecasts a Drop to $900
Obama’s ‘Lame-Duck’ Status Could Lead to Wall Street Woes
Stocks are about to plunge, Wells Fargo warns
US Fed Expected to Forge Ahead with Modest Cut to QE3
US home sales hit 6½-year high but could slow soon
New Vs. Old On DJIA 30
Summers Steps Out Of Fed Race
Israeli Security Service Arrests Iranian Spy
Immortality will be Delivered by the Singularity Say Scientists
Guns â€" A Woman's Right to Defend Herself
Marc Faber Warns “The Endgame Is A Total Collapse – But From A Higher Diving Board Now”
A new digital ecology is evolving, and humans are being left behind
This Will End In Catastrophic Collapse & Tragedy For The West
India's coin shortage worsens
August Jobs Report:  Hiring Continues As Unemployment Falls
An Alarming Jump In "Job Losers"
Labor Participation Lowest Since 1978
The Never-Ending Charade Of Debt Ceiling Fights
Jobless Claims Fall To 7-Year Low, But ...
Jobless Claims Fall To 7-Year Low, But ...
Foreclosure Crisis Drawing To A Close
New Homes Sales Climb 8%
Gold And Silver â€" Central Bank Death Dance, Part I
The Renminbi: Soon to Be a Reserve Currency?
Solar Paintâ€"The Next Big Thing
ObamaCare Arrives
An Obama-Cruz Shutdown
Government Heads Toward Shutdown
Why I'm Not Buying The Market's Blind Optimism
Federal Mandarinate Decrees End to Coal
From De Blasio to Obama
The Food Stamp Gospel
20 Ordinary Americans Talk About The Economic Despair That Is Growing Like A Cancer All Around Them
25 Fast Facts About The Federal Reserve
Cyprus-Style Wealth Confiscation Is Now Starting To Happen All Over The Globe
The Percentage Of Americans That Consider Themselves To Be “Lower Class” Is At An All-Time High
Prepare For Tough Times If Your Job Has Anything To Do With Real Estate Or Mortgages
They Denied That We Were In A Depression In 1933 And They Are Doing It Again In 2013
Employers Hoarding Labor: Here’s Why That’s Bad News
Housing Market Resumes This Damaging Downtrend
CFPB's data-mining on consumer credit cards challenged in heated House hearing
LIBOR Rates.
Quantitative Easing Worked For The Weimar Republic For A Little While Too
The Number Of Private Sector Jobs Fell By 278,000 Last Month But The Economy Is Getting Better?
Record $175 Billion Due Makes Banks Worst Losers
Keystone Pipeline Project Faces Nebraska Court Showdown
Government Shutdown 1 Day Away as Deal Evades Lawmakers
Fed In "Monetary Roach Motel," Won't Taper:  Schiff
Walmart Holiday Hiring To Outpace US Retail Industry
"Dr. Doom" Roubini Makes Case FOR The U.S. Economy
Israeli government reportedly mulling Bitcoin tax
Don Coxe: Commodities Resuming Long-Term Upward Trend
Why the Fed's Efforts Are Putting the U.S. Economy at Risk
Alcoa, Bank of America, and Hewlett Packard To Be Dropped From The Dow
COMEX Default Risk As Gold Inventories Plummet 36%
Gold Is Not A Safe Haven? Tell That To People In Indonesia
10 things Obamacare won't tell you
10 worst economies in the world
U.S. on ‘unsustainable’ budget course: CBO
Dollar Down As Fed Officials Cast Doubt Over Taper
Shutdown looms as House votes to delay health law
The bank that rejects the most mortgages
House stands firm against Obamacare, Senate won't budge
Online data brokers know you -- surprisingly well
Dollar Crash Now Or Crash Later. How Long Can Gold Be Kept In The Box?
The Fed Is Trapped, and the Taper Won't Happen Until the Market Tanks
Investment Banker Alpert: 'Massive Deflationary Forces' Lurks
United States Sets Another Food Stamp Record: Households On Food Stamps At New Peak And More Americans Live In Poverty Compared To The Entire Population Of Spain
Pension Disaster Looms Over The Horizon: In 1980, 60 Percent Of Americans Participated In A Pension Program. Today It Is Less Than 10 Percent And The Amount Saved For Retirement Is Startling.
And the money trail leads to…
$300 Million in Detroit Aid, but No Bailout
'Affordable Care' or a Rip-Off?
N.S.A. Gathers Data on Social Connections of U.S. Citizens
Conservative poll: Internet tax bill unpopular
Fed set to unveil tapering of asset purchases next week
TANSTAAFL, Butter and Silver
A Measurement Of Our Impoverishment
Did Putin Quietly Play the Debt Card Over Syria?
Peer-to-Peer Economy Thrives as Activists Vacate the System
Jobs Figure:  Worse Than The Headline Number
Fed Says: No Taper
Money Versus Currency - Australian Comedian Michael Connell's View
The Coming Global Revolution
Bitcoin and the Origin of Money with Konrad S. Graf (9/23/13)
Eric Sprott Exclusive: The Fed Has Lost Control of the Bond Market!
Financial Betrayal - Collapse Assured
Billionaire Eric Sprott: Gold is going to $2,400 by next summer
AMERICA â€" From Freedom To Fascism
The IPCC Exposed
John Stossel ~ The Bitcoin Revolution
Keiser Report 503
Genetically Modified Society
Peter Schiff - Whatever the Fed Does, Gold Will Rally! US Economy Already Ruined
Greg Mannarino-Debt Bubble is the Biggest Threat to Humanity
Ron Paul - Bernanke Said The US Economy Is In Bad Shape! He's Getting Out Before Collapse!
Singer Joni Mitchell foretells an economic collapse
Guggenheim On The US Jobs Growth "Mirage"
Real Unemployment Rate Rises To 11.4%, Difference Between Reported And Real Data Rises To Record
Record 90.5 Million Out Of Labor Force As Half A Million Drop Out In One Month; Labor Force Participation Rate Plunges To 1978 Levels
US Income Gap Soars To Widest Since "Roaring 20s"
Employment Trending Down
Initial Jobless Claims Plunge Due To "Computer Upgrades" And "Faulty Reporting By States"
Industrial Production Misses For 5th Month In A Row
August Inflation Rises 0.1%, Less Than Expected Driven By Lower Utility Prices
Holiday-Shopping Season Forecast To Be Worst Since 2009
To Challenge These Statements Is Blasphemous
Eurozone Recovery Fades - Will The U.S. Follow?
House Votes To Taper Foodstamps
Gold, Einstein, And The Great Fed Robbery
How The Fed's Bazooka Misfired:  QE-Infinity Sends Experiment Awry
Making $100,000? Then Flipping Burgers May Be In Your Future
Consumer Confidence Drops Most In 6 Months To 4 Month Low
CFTC Concludes Long-Running Silver Manipulation Investigation, Finds Nothing Wrong
US Economic Confidence Slumps To Six-Month Low
Wal-Mart Nails The "Consumer Recovery" Coffin Shut

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