Thursday, November 29, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Nov 29

Why the Fiscal Cliff is the Wrong Thing to Worry About
State Senator Proposes Dissolving City Of Detroit
2013 Gold Price Forecast:

The Ultimate Gift for Your Gold Lover

Why to Keep Betting on Higher Silver Prices
Mexico May Open Up Oil Market on Heels of Major Finds
Large Tankers Start to Use the Arctic Passage

Obama Vetoes a Carbon Taxâ€"in Europe
Boomer Influx Shakes Up Restaurant Industry
Bernanke's Seoul Brothers
Senator Vows to Block Any Clinton Successor
Why Republicans Are to Blame for the Fiscal Cliff
What About That Hyperinflation?
An Overdue Book
Claptrap About Compromise
Good Day for a Fiscal Cliff Hanging
All Of This Whining About The Fiscal Cliff Is Pathetic
LIBOR Rates.
Argentina Rating Downgraded By Fitch On "Probable" Default
Demand For U.S. Capital Goods Climbs In Spending Rebound
Dollar Trades Near November Low

Narrowing Trade Gaps Makes Bullish Case for Global Growth
Geithner Sets Congress Talks as Obama Pushes for Deal
Obama Urged to Declare Emergency for Mississippi River
Gun Shoppers Joined Other Black Friday Shoppers In Record Numbers
Morgan Stanley's Doom Scenario:  Major Recession In 2013
Silver may be ready for a rally above $44/oz by year end
The Fed's Most Ominous Indicator
CME Declares Force Majeure at Manhattan Gold Depository
Chinese princelings profit from corruption
In U.S., Majority Now Against Gov't Healthcare Guarantee
Americans See Best Job Climate Since the Financial Crisis
4 Medicaid myths, debunked
Stocks dead, bonds deader till 2022: Pimco
Red All Over: Newspaper Revenues Fall In Q3
Debt Collectors Cashing In on Student Loans
Millionaire politicians ask for bailout
U.S. bans BP from new government contracts after oil spill deal
Fed's Evans wants more easing, Fisher wants limits
Obama says hopes for deficit deal by Christmas
Against the Grand Bargain
Germany displaces China as US Treasury's currency villain
Is Our Debt Burden Really $100 Trillion?
U-S-A, U-S-A: Our Terrible Growth

Iranian scientists running simulations of large nuclear weapon
'Romney is Wall Street's worst bet since the bet on subprime'
Sorry, Warren Buffett,

'Fiscal cliff' talks bogged down

The bare truth about the 'fiscal cliff'
The Cost Of Kidding Yourself
BRICS: The World's New Bankers?

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