Monday, November 26, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Nov 26

Will The Peak Of The Solar Cycle In 2013

Russian expert warns of possibility

Leaders break off EU budget talks
Housing May Be Stable, But Not In "Full Blown Recovery"
Marc Faber Explains Unintended Consequences

Peter Schiff About Gold, Fiscal Cliff And Real Economic Growth
Dow Jones To Gold Price Ratio Near Decade Low
Israel may Strike Ship with Iran Missiles En Route to Gaza.

The World Is Doomed: Prepare To Have Your Holidays Ruined, The Imminent Civil Unrest & Financial Implosion Will Sweeps The World
You Can't Secede...Because We're Exiling You!
Germany's Gold and Your Silver
What Happens IF Cold Fusion Does Become Reality?
EPA Testing Dangerous Pollutants on Human Beings
Over 3,000 Leaks Found

JPMorgan Sanctioned for Energy Trade Manipulation
Iran Positioned to Threaten Oil Lanes
Why You Should Bet Big on Bionic Brains
None Dare Call It Default
Here Comes the Regulatory Flood
Deadline Looms for Long-Term Unemployed
Community Banks Face a Regulatory Cliff
Sen. Rand Paul renews fight

Obama faces huge challenge in setting up insurance exchanges
LIBOR Rates.
Argentina rejects US ruling over foreign debt repayment
US pivots, China bristles
2013 Looks A Lot Like 1937 In Four Fearsome Ways
Brazil Record-Low Unemployment Creating Scarcity of Maids
Sandy Seen Boosting US With As Much As $240 Billion Rebuilding
Is a New SARS-like Virus Spreading in the Middle East?
Cold Fusion and Unintended Consequences
Walmart hit by Black Friday strikes across 46 states,

Walmart strikes result in arrests

Black Friday sales fall after retail giants' Thanksgiving opening
Food scarcity: the timebomb setting nation against nation
China completes jet fighter test flights

Spain to get EU bank aid in exchange for job cuts
'Satellites show Iran moving quickly to rearm Hamas'
Secession Fever Sweeping Europe Meaningless

Record count of holiday-weekend shoppers
Frank: Tea party has complicated compromise
A new Bush rises
GOP warns of shutdown over filibuster
Gold will move $500 Per Ounce Per Major City
The Forces that will Push Silver Over $100
Central Bank Gold Rehypothecation Scandal

Standby for 'currency induced cost push inflation'

Will George P. Bush Be the Next Republican Star?
Russia Sidelined in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Putin Is Turning Russia into One Big Enron
'Fiscal cliff': Consensus on increasing tax revenue,

Thanksgiving weekend sales better than last year
Pioneering the granny pod: Fairfax County family

Don't be fooled by Fiscal Cliff Circus,

All Hands On Deck! China flexes naval might amid islands row
Middle East Conflict Flares in Gaza
Fukushima update, INEVITABLE Fail of Nuclear Power Plant

Armed Austerity? Cash-strapped EU beefs up military
GOP Governors Defying ObamaCare
Hedging against Volatility in a Bull Market of Fear

Revolución? Catalonia anger blooms, Spain break up looms
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 11-19-12 ~

Is ObamaCare a Sure thing?
Farage: Europe split in every way possible
Keiser Report: Colossal Collapse Coming!
Black Friday, Fiscal Cliff, Gold, Dollar
Gerald Celente ~ The Beginning Of WWIII
Tom Woods ~

Goodbye Petrodollar, Hello Agri-Dollar?
Russia Sends Warships To Gaza Coast

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