Thursday, November 22, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Nov 22

Wal-Mart Braces for Black Friday Strikes
US Treasury Secretary Geithner:  Lift Debt Ceiling To Infinity
Five EU countries call for new military 'structure'
EU shadow banking assets worth €17 trillion
EU countries urge Israel not to invade Gaza
Dollar Collapse Update:  7 of 10 Asian Countries Move From Dollars To Yuans
Greenspan On The Cliff:  This Leveraged Economy Was No Accident~Take The Deal~Recession Is Guaranteed
Robert Fitzwilson: “History says that once set in motion, fiat money schemes cannot be reversed. Tragedy and collapse are the terminal destinations.”
Retailers Are Watching You With New Tracking Program
Why Wal-Mart workers are striking on Black Friday
Federal Workers to Congress: Leave Us Out of Deficit Deal
Obama Admin Fills in Health Law Details
55 Reasons Why You Should Buy Products

The Twinkie That Broke The Economy's Back:  Just Two Weeks Since The Election And 100,000+ Jobs Lost
They Are Going To Make It Nearly Impossible

Poll: After scandal, resignation,

Clinton vows to move Middle East toward 'comprehensive peace'
Bernanke: Fix fiscal woes

Where's the 'Thanks' in Thanksgiving?
LIBOR Rates.
France is Downgraded, Europe Goes 'From Bad to Worse'
The Branding of Black Friday
Soros Buying Gold as Record Prices Seen on Stimulus
Bernanke: Fiscal Cliff Fix May Bring 'Very Good' Year
Gartman sees more central bank buying

The American Puppet State
Europe Is Now Sinking Fast
How to Turn a Garage Into a Woodshed
Obama and the Coming Carbon Tax
President Obama,

More than 1,000 new coal plants planned worldwide, figures show
Gaza ceasefire hangs in the balance amid Israel-Hamas talks
US election count goes on รข€" and on
This Economy Is Going Down
SEC alleges largest-ever insider-trading scheme
Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes
Bring Back Petraeus
Mars Rover Makes Discovery For "the History Books,"

How TV Economics Are Transforming

The Other Economic Cliff:

When Will the Economic Blockade of Gaza End?
Step One Toward a Fairer America: Raise the Minimum Wage
The Real Reasons You Waited Hours in Line to Vote
The Six Threat Levels of a Forthcoming 2016 Presidential Run
Many Americans unaware of health-care law changes
HP's costly blunders mount with allegations

Petraeus's affair was no 'scandal'
Clinton arrives in Middle East

With Hillary Clinton's dash to Middle East,

Hungry retailers crash Thanksgiving dinner with 'Gray Thursday'
Middle East melting down into 'Obamawar'
Illinois works on driver's licenses for illegals
Israel-Hamas fighting continues
Push for Gaza cease-fire gains momentum
Keiser Report: Twinkies, Finance, Scandal (E369)
We Have a Shortage of Gold - Eric Sprott
'Hamas using civilians as human shields' -

Jim Rickards: Currency Wars Simulation
Steve Keen on Private Money Creation

Open Your Mind Internet Radio (OYM)

'West aware nuclear Iran

Firm Ground?

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