Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Nov 20

Why Obama Pushes Higher Rates vs. Deduction Limit
America Is A Frog In A Pot

Obama Suggests Israel's Plight

Homeland Security promotes welfare

Government Website For Immigrants:

The looming disaster the Fed's stress tests miss
Wal-Mart warns workers on Black Friday strike
Hostess shutdown on hold
France loses another AAA rating with Moody's downgrade
FHA Red Ink May Be $32.8 Billion, Double Official Audit
Is Iran Using an Insurance Scam to Cover its Oil Tankers?
America's Power Grid Vulnerable to Terrorist Attacks
Homeless In New Jersey
Investment Falls Off a Cliff
U.S. sends warships near Israel in case evacuation needed
Why Israel might hesitate to invade
Ron Paul: Petitions on secession raise 'worthwhile questions'
Oklahoma is latest to reject state-based health exchange
Silicon Valley Dems concerned

The System Will Collapse, It Must Collapse
LIBOR Rates.
Industrial Production In US Drops 0.4% On Sandy Effect
Pelosi Says Budget Deal Should Raise Taxes on Top Earners
Hamas Says Cease-Fire Depends on Israel as Troops Mass
Hostess and Bakers Union Asked to Explain Strike Reasons
Xi Warns of Regime's Demise Unless China Tackles Graft
Portland port braces for strike
Gold Starts Week Higher, Deal on Fiscal Cliff
Fiscal Cliff or Slippery Slope?
The Market, Socialism and the Justice System
The Unadulterated Gold Standard Part II (History)
Secession: Are We Free to Go?
The Forces that will Push Silver Over $100
Hostess' Twinkie Defense Is a Management Failure
Banks Told By Feds To Test For 12% Unemployment
Must-Have Job Skills in 2013
What seceding from the U.S. will cost you
Twinkie Defense: Judge Orders Hostess to Mediate With Union
10 million Americans have no bank accounts
Billions in bearer bonds could be lost due to Hurricane Sandy
Paul Krugman suggests a 91% top income tax rate
The Twinkie Manifesto
Worse To Come For Economy In 2013
Egypt the Peacemaker?
America's Trouble with China
President Xi's Singapore Lessons
Wal-Mart files U.S. labor charge against union
Israel says prefers diplomacy but ready to invade Gaza
SEC Rocked By Lurid Sex-and-Corruption Lawsuit
A Critical Look at the IEA Outlook for

Keiser Report: 'Crash JP Morgan' -

Lindsey Williams 11-13-12 Pt.1 Pathfinder Radio
Steve Keen on Private Money Creation

1999.March 1st. Walk Don't Run with General George Babbitt
Lindsey Williams 11-13-12 Pt. 2 PathFinder Radio
Econ Crisis 12 - Deficits & the Debt
Why Not Print More Money?
"The Fed, Having Used Its Bazookas,

US Tries To Wrest Control Of Hostess Liquidation

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