Thursday, November 15, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Nov 15

PLA reshuffle draws battle lines
The China challenge: War or peace
Israel ranked as most militarized nation
Last call for Syria
Peter Schiff: Thanks To Federal Reserve Policies Like QE3; We’re All Scr%#ed
US To Become Largest Oil Producer, Energy Independent
Bladeless Turbine: The Future of Wind Energy?
Gold And Silver Prices Set To Explode
Oil Prices Rise After Israeli Airstrikes

Sex Beats Benghazi
There Will Be War In The Middle East
Mitt Romney attributes loss to Obama 'gifts' to his base voters
Obama defends FBI on Petraeus
Senate votes down Cybersecurity Act a second time
Obama claims mandate on taxes,

Paul rips big government in farewell
LIBOR Rates.
Greece, FOMC meet on Wed,

Credit Card Delinquencies Back on the Rise
Retail Sales and PPI Show Deflationary Trend in October ...

After the storm: True scale of Sandy's devastation across Eastern Seaboard emerges as death toll hits FIFTY and damage set to top $50 BILLION
A Very Important Housing Agency Is Running Out Of Money And May Need A Bailout; Getting A Mortgage Might Get Even Harder
The DOJ and SEC Speak, Hypothetically, About the FCPA
The Worst Is Yet To Come For California
Israel's 'Iron Dome' reportedly intercepts 13 rockets

Israel may expand Gaza operation, says senior official
BofA offers 30,000 borrowers $4.75 billion

Gazans fire 90 rockets; cabinet approves reserve call-up
Analysis: The battle for the South has begun
FM: Israel will act on Iran as it did in Iraq, Syria
Netanyahu talks to Obama, Ashton on Gaza operation
Looming 'fiscal cliff' bringing Wall Street, Obama back together
Obama Win Means Big Inflation Is Coming, Investor Refuge In Gold And Silver
Boehner's Blunder
States Find Solar Subsidies Too Hot to Handle
Exit Afghanistan?
Anti-austerity marches turn violent across southern Europe
Palestinians urge U.N. Security Council action over Israeli raids
Israel hammers Hamas in Gaza offensive
Obama says tax hike has to come first in "fiscal cliff" deal
Silver price to 'increase 400pc in three years'
Israel has 'opened the gates of hell':

Summers: Be Careful About Capping Tax Deductions
What Does the Gaza Attack Mean?
David Petraeus's Secret Trip to Libya After the Benghazi Attack
Another Scandal Among Officers Who No Longer Win Wars
Avoiding the 'Fiscal Cliff':

Preserve Benefits: Cut Gouging and Inequities
Four ways Blue Cross Blue Shield wants to change Obamacare
The new poverty measure is out, and it's grim
Small banks battle regulators on capital requirements
The new boom: Shale gas fueling an American industrial revival
Obama's door to tax compromise
In Sandy's wake, recovery remains a frustrating fight
Obama stands firm on raising taxes on richest Americans,

Palestine asks UN Security Council

Credit ratings agencies warn against 'political posturing'
Obama urges Israel, Egypt leaders

Petraeus to testify before Congress on Benghazi attack
US backs Israel; UN calls for de-escalation
President Obama Holds a Press Conference
Gerald Celente - Alex Jones Info Wars - November 12, 2012
Keiser Report: Tourettes Traders & Bleeping Bankers (E366)

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