Monday, November 12, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Nov 12

An optimistic vision of Obama's second term
Jim Rogers: Money Printing Will Run Amok.
Can Asia Demand Help Gold Break $1,800 Barrier?
US Auto Sales Seen Up 11% In October
The Tragedy Of The Euro! What About Germany?
Two million jobless set to lose unemployment benefits
What Happens with Keystone Now that Obama is Back In?
Gold and Silver Prices Set to Explode
Gold Price to Soar Following Obama's Re-Election?
Iranian Aircraft Shoot At Unarmed US Predator Drone in International Waters
Will Republicans Ever Win the Presidency Again?
'People Are Afraid of Change'
Starting All Over Again
Share This Massive List Of Post-Election Firings And Layoffs

Interior proposal would limit commercial oil shale development on federal lands
Second term gives Obama chance

Is it worth it to sacrifice democracy in Greece

LIBOR Rates.
Wage Costs Rise More Slowly As US Employers Hold The Line
Obama Needs Rainmaker to Steer Around Fiscal Cliff
U.S. Regional Clashes Behind Obama Versus Romney
Romney the Great Manager?

President Obama Is The Second FDR, Not The Second Carter
Greeks protest again as leaders vote on further budget cuts
Israel fires 'warning shot' missile

The Republican Party:

Samsung hits Apple with 20% price hike
Retirement funds could boost econ
'Fighting Poverty' by Bashing Park Avenue Rich
A Man Without a Plan
Bernanke's stamp on Fed could tie hands of successor
Republicans say deal can be done on U.S. "fiscal cliff"
Doug Casey:  There's Going To Be A Huge Change Of Ownership Over Global Resources
Boehner Is Bluffing
[UK] We've been on the back foot

World cannot afford second Fiscal Cliff

Compromise can save Obama from fiscal cliff
It's Not a Fiscal Cliff, It's a Fiscal Fast
The Next Trillion-Dollar Stimulus? It's Immigration Reform
Gold Prices Rise as Safe-Haven Play
Resignation Followed FBI Probe Into Email: Reports
US Home Sales Dip 1.7% On Tight Inventory
The negotiation begins: Obama, Boehner dig in on taxes
Rising number of states seeing one-party rule
Iran warns U.S. over drone incident
LINDSEY WILLIAMS the 2012 Agenda
& The Fall of the New World Order I & II et al

Keiser Report: Wacko Wizard World (E365)
Obama 2.0 & the Fiscal Cliff: Implications for America, the Markets, the Dollar, and Gold
Gerald Celente - Trends In The News -
"The Conmander In Chief" - (11/8/12)

Coming of the Next Bubble with Thomas Woods 11/09/2012

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