Friday, November 9, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Nov 09

Admit Economic Ignorance
US "Fiscal Cliff" Biggest Risk For Canada, G20
Commie Gold!
America Has Shifted To The Left And The Culture War Is Over
Greece passes austerity bill despite clashes
Cyprus expects EU bailout deal next week
Compared To Other Countries, US Job Market Looks Pretty Good
Wall Street Drops For Second Day On Fiscal Worries
Peter Schiff About Infinte Inflation

The Invisible Experiment With Money And Gold
$100 Silver! Yes, But When?
California Voters Approve Higher Taxes
The Gold Standard is not Synonymous with Freedom
Iranian jets fire on U.S. drone
Religion and Voters in 2012
Where Republicans and Conservatives Went Wrong
Obama to make public statement on 'fiscal cliff'
Rep. Berman rumored

CBO lays out 'fiscal cliff' costs
Axelrod: Election shows PACs 'can't buy the White House'
Layoff bomb detonates;

LIBOR Rates.
The Right Is Crippled -- Now Let's Make Sure Dems

Job Openings In US Decreased By 100,000 In September
Adviser: Romney "shellshocked" by loss
Boeing Announces Big Layoffs in Defense Division
Two-Tier Global Housing Market Could Lead to Bubble: Goldman
Can Obama Create Main Street Jobs in 2nd Term?
CEO Drumbeat for Tax Reform Grows Louder
Gold could not have asked for a better outcome in US elections
Obama Victory: Increased Gold and Silver Storage

Republican defeat has conservative factions

Iranian fighter jets fired on US drone, Pentagon confirms
Nasa intend to establish a manned outpost on the Moon, according to experts
What Apple Dumping Intel Could Mean
A nation in the pangs of deleveraging – The long-term trend of a declining dollar and a collapsing middle class

China's Hu Jintao clings to socialist economy

The Greek books are still being cooked
The Unequal Reality of America's Jobs Recovery
Why Should Obama Compromise on Taxes?
Why This Election Is Much Less Satisfying (or Harrowing)

JPMorgan Banks on Food Stamps
Employers Post Fewest Job Ads In Five Months
Business leaders beg for a political truce
Fiscal cliff forecast: Bad now, worse late
James Turk on the Central Bank Gold Heist

Keiser Report: Triple-Dip Recession Nightmare (E364)
James Turk on the Overestimated Gold Stock,

Keiser Report: Rip It Up & Start Again! (E363)
Gerald Celente - Alex Jones Show - November 6, 2012
Obama's Back In: Does He Succumb To Popular (Ignorant?) Opinion Like The Europeans Or Make The Tough Choices
For Third Year In A Row, Gold Outperfoming Stocks
We Aren't In Kansas Anymore

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