Thursday, November 8, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Nov 08

Hundreds of thousands more jobs to go, EU warns
EU to be federalised in the long run, Merkel says
Four more years of precious metals

Bureaucracy could Kill the U.S. Shale Gas Industry
Beijing Sinking Teeth into Western Turf in Asia
What an Obama Victory Means for the Middle East
TEPCO Doubles Estimate

The Real Road Forward
Waiving Freedom
We're Not in 1980 Anymore
Wall St. ready to reconcile with Obama
25 problems facing Obama, Congress
Victory cements President Obama's first-term legislative legacy
GOP is faced with identity crisis
Geographic shift seen in House races
House Speaker calls for 'down payment' on 'fiscal cliff'
LIBOR Rates.
Wall Street Casts Its Vote: The Market Is Going Down
Hope, Change & Gold
Re-elected President Obama and Fiscal Cliff
Grand Old Party in search of brand-new message
New battle follows hard on Obama win
Now Comes America's Real Test
Obama back at the wheel as US economy heads for a fiscal cliff
After Romney's loss,

Obama and progressives:

John Kerry among frontrunners to replace Hillary Clinton
A second term รข€"

No need for a Plan B here either...

As Barack Obama clinches victory,

The Virtual Economic Recovery Courtesy Of Inflation
Five things the Republican Party must do
Little to Show for Cash Flood by Big Donors
Netanyahu Rushes to Repair Damage With President
The Special Interests Won Again
Mitt Romney's Reality Check
The Second Coming of Barack Obama
America's Third-World Politics
Grid-Down Collapse:  Hard Assets Soar In Value
Take the Money and Lose
How Obama Won Four More Years
Greeks clash with riot police

Angst returns on German recession fears and US fiscal cliff
The GOP Needs a Economic Plan

The Twilight of the GOP Establishment:

The New Barack Obama
Long-term Unemployment Over 40%
How Could the Republicans Have Been So Stupid?
Obama's Victory Should Settle a Bitter Argument
At Romney headquarters, the defeat of the 1 percent
Republicans face murky political future

China's Communist leadership set for change
Democrats keep grasp on control of Senate
Colorado, Washington blow smoke in feds' face

Mich. voters reject pro-union amendment
Tea party leader: GOP establishment is the big loser

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