Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Nov 07

Florida Rejects Health Law Measure
IMF warns France on falling behind Italy and Spain
Why Economic Shock From Fiscal Cliff Will Last Over A Decade
What The Jobs Report Says About Housing
Why Thanksgiving Will Cost More This Year
Will the Chinese Yuan Replace the US Dollar

Toilet Paper as currency, post Sandy
Gasoline Sold in New York for $8 a Gallon on Craigslist
Natural Gas Pipelines are Being Converted to Carry Crude Oil
Democrats Likely to Retain Control of U.S. Senate
The Crazy Idea That the President Is 'Leader' of the Country
Gross Misconceptions
Mining, Ski Slopes and Condos: Buying Real Estate in the US with Silver in Mind
LIBOR Rates.
Retailers expect solid Holiday Season
Gold is going up, just how quickly depends on the President
Number of 112 Year Old Registered Democrat Voters

Union Red Tape in N.J.

China's currency rises in the US backyard
10 things presidential candidates won't say
Euro hit two-month low on Greece woes
Forget the election รข€" A warning for risk assets
Gold, other metals rise as U.S. votes
Outlook is dismal no matter who wins vote
What the election means for stocks, bonds, gold
NY, NJ residents arming with anything they can find -

Widespread bankruptcy of Obama-backed green energy companies continues as state of economy worsens
Europe's Plan A
Anger grows over fuel shortage in storm-hit Northeast
Fed could buy more Treasuries if needed, Williams says
Big Labor's New Burglar Alarm for Election Fraud
Crucial to the US election? It's the Chinese economy, stupid
Francois Hollande lurches Right

Inside Israel's nuclear wargames
Obama or Romney -

Why Do U.S. Auto Workers Get Election Day Off?

Netanyahu vows to stop Iran,

Turmoil in Greece escalates as unions strike
Confusion caused problem; non-union help welcome in NJ
7 Technologies That Will Make It Easier

Evidence of Electronic Vote Fraud

Art Cashin Warns: "Pray It's Not Close - For The Country's Sake"
Electile Dysfunction - Market Just Couldn't Keep It Up

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