Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Nov 06

Among the Ruins
Russian Sub Skirts Coast
News Not Revealing Real Reasons For Economic Collapse
Cash-free Greek communities take off while economy collapses
Consumer Spending Picks Up, But Savings A Worry
Sandy: The October Surprise Comes in a Perfect Storm
USA Energy Independence: Sense or Nonsense
Iran Announces Plans

A Part-Time, Low-Wage Epidemic
Romney, Obama and the Economic Choice
Obama and Romney Deadlocked, Polls Show
Dodd-Frank's Financial Outsourcing
Obama's Progressive Gamble
Global Economic Crisis:  EU's Jobless Rate Hits New High Of 11.6%
Poll: Romney, Obama in dead heat at 49-49
Gallup: Obama cuts Romney's lead to 1 point nationally
Military base bombing plot foiled by US forces in Yemen
Election Day marks beginning

Obama, Romney leave nothing to chance

Snapshot: The crucial swing states
LIBOR Rates.
China Holds Working Level Discussions

HSBC Prepares to Face U.S. Money Laundering Charges
Xi Climbs to Power Mixing Father's Capitalism

Treasuries Snap Gain Before Auctions, Presidential Vote
Gold to stage a bullish recovery,

Morgan Stanley still bullish on Gold in long term
Here we go again! Up to 40,000 New Yorkers could be forced to evacuate as nor'easter storm brings freezing temperatures, rain and wind to devastated East Coast
Chinese Financial System On The Brink Of Collapse
Last Jobs Report Before Election Shows Economy In Virtual Standstill
US presidential election: who does the world want to win?
Sandy's fury leaves Queens residents cold, dark and uncertain
9 Scenarios And All Lead to Stock Plunge
How to watch election night
Street awaits Election Day
Getting to Normal
Global Zero at Ground Zero
Sandy's aftermath causes nightmare commute, housing crisis
In a close U.S. election, first clues to winner could come early
Fed's Williams:

Fed's Williams: On exit, Fed will sell assets gradually
Shut Up and Vote
Fight vs. Change
Why Germany Wants To See Its US Gold
The 3 Economic Issues That Distinguish Obama and Romney
The Next President (Whoever He Is)

The U.S. Must Learn From China's State Capitalism to Beat It
Early Voting in Florida Becomes a Nightmare
Beyond the Dead End of American Electoral Politics
Romney and the Dogs of War

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