Thursday, November 1, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Nov 01

Sandy should be wake-up call to avoid fiscal cliff
Jim Sinclair: Gold Confiscation in 1933 Was What QE Is In 2012
Sell Your Euros and Hoard Gold

Democracy: Convicted by the Sleeping Juror
FEMA may not have enough for flood damages
Jobs report: What to expect
Insurance may not cover businesses shut down by Sandy
The Fiscal Cliff's Biggest Surprise Could Be a Rising U.S. Dollar
Why Silver Prices in 2013 Will Continue to Perform
Gold confiscation at $3,000 rumour

Revolutionary Improvement

TransCanada Agree Deal with PetroChina

Does a Big Storm Require Big Government?
Black and White Standards
Pick Your Constitutional Poison:

A Tale of Two Countries
Government-Mandated Broccoli: Food Truck Edition
3 Reasons U.S. Drone Policy is Really Freakin' Scary
18 Startling Quotes About The Incredible Destruction

LIBOR Rates.
Economy In US Grows At 2%, More Than Forecast
Spain's Unemployment Reaches Record 25% as Bailout Looms
Obama Finds Temporary Ally in Christie on Storm Relief
One57 Crane Dangles as NYC Plans Ways to Secure It
Romney Resumes Campaigning

Sandy's Power Blackouts Could Last Beyond U.S. Election
U.S. Winter-Wheat Condition

Midwest Manufacturing Contracts Again in October
Sandy's Economic Cost: Up to $50 Billion and Counting
Is Price Gouging Reverse Looting?
Sandy May Force Banks, New York to Bury Hatchet
Flying back 1536 tons of Gold: Will Bundesbank do it?
Missing: A ship with 700 tons of Gold Ore off Russia
International Investing:

Forget The Election And Get Ready For Another Year Of Slow Growth
Sandy puts climate change back on the US election agenda
China thinktank urges end of one-child policy
US warns Israel off pre-emptive strike on Iran
As Earnings Falter, Prospects For Q4 Grow Worse
Is Word of the Benghazi Scandal Leaking Out?
Renminbi Rising
Europe's Unending Berlusconi Problem
U.S. government poised to hit debt limit before 2013
High-Level JPMorgan Executives Suddenly Dumping JPMorgan Stock En Masse
The Undecided Voter Revealed
The euro is heading for a permanent state of depression
Greek death spiral raises heat for German-bloc creditors
Americans Are on a Spending Spree,

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Subvert 'Em:

After Blowing Through $40 Million,

Americans Think Obama Will Win, Polls Be Damned
Where Romney and Obama Stand

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