Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Oct 31

Q&A: Could Sandy postpone the election?
Sandy Cuts Wide Swath of Damage
Apple Shake-Up Signals Tim Cook Era
'Cooling Out' the Voters
LIBOR Rates.
This Election Is About the Court, Not the Economy
Obama Gets Christie's Praise as Storm Aftermath Assessed
Dollar Drops as Safety Bid Eases Before Chinese PMI Data
Labor Department Plans to Publish U.S. Jobs Report on Time
Hospital Evacuation in N.Y. Exposes Outdated Power Backup
New York Subway System

Sandy Knocks Out Cable, Telephone, Wireless in 10 States
Gold volume light due to Hurricane Sandy
Economic Confidence at Five-year High: Gallup
Romney Election Bad News for Gold
Anticipating the Devolution of Big Government
Personal Incomes Offset By Rise In Food & Energy
Supply Issues Offer Additional Underpinnings to Gold
Inequality Is The Child Of Fiat Money
U.S. Declares 'Alert' At Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant In N.J.
Hurricane Sandy relief: How to help now
Why Is Jamie Dimon Doing The Hustle

European Union reaches highest unemployment rate since crisis started รข€" Spain hits 25 percent unemployment rate for first time. The missing EU crisis headlines.
The Virtual Recovery
Brazil's Growth Conundrum
UBS to cut 10,000 jobs in fixed income retreat
Race is tied, but most think Obama will win:

Lukewarm jobs report awaits Americans as election nears
Kocherlakota: Fed policy is, if anything, too tight
Sandy's Damage So Far: More than $20 Billion
Why Romney Is the War Candidate (cont'd)
There Are 3 New Yorks Today:

Mitt Romney in 2011:

The Article That Predicted

Disney to make new 'Star Wars' movies,

Sandy's destruction in New York

Romney goes off-road with the truth
Israel reckons with unraveling Gaza policy
Nuclear plants shut down units as storm hits coast
A big wind for the final week before the elections
U.S. intel budget topped $75 billion in 2012
The Tech Behind Apple's Impossibly Thin New iMacs
Hurricane Sandy Topples New York Data Center, Gawker, Gizmodo
And The Survey Says:

Don't Worry Germany -

The Unadulterated Gold Standard
Stop Manipulating Bank Earnings

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