Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Oct 30

Obama Camp: Romney's Blue State Momentum Is A Bluff
Pew: More Americans concerned about retirement financing
China sits on the edge of a housing bubble
Gordon Gekko Was Wrong: Sometimes the Pig Gets Eaten
A Musing on Gold and Fiat Currencies
Don't Fear a Normal Gold Correction
The Age of Personalized Medicine Is Near
The US is Not Even Close to Being the Next Saudi Arabia
Hurricane Sandy: Litmus Test for America's Utilities
Iran Finally Blinks in Terms of Sanctions Pressure
Water Injection Used to Increase Life

Changing Demographics Won't Mean the End of Republican Party
Voting Is a Right, Not a Duty
Benghazi and the Lethal Price of Arming Jihadists
Another Election
How the Supreme Court

Americans Should Reject Obama-Romney Foreign Policy
When Hell Freezes Over: The Tax Reform Mirage
Benghazigate: Chapter Two
Is the Ohio Trend Romney's Friend?
Romney Soars in Pensacola
Worst Case Scenario:

Emergency officials:

Hurricane Sandy throws the presidential campaigns off course
LIBOR Rates.
Big Banks' Hold on Regulators Must Be Broken: Barofsky
FDIC Takes Actions Against Nine Banks in Six States
China takes over Bryce Canyon
Why Does the SEC Protect Banks' Dirty Secrets?
Memo to Central Banks:

Let the Markets Clear!
Dollar buoyed as Sandy menaces East Coast
Hurricane Sandy upends campaign schedules
The World After November
Iran has pictures of restricted Israeli areas: Iran MP
Economy may skirt direct hit from Hurricane Sandy
Obama Defends His Finance Reform Record

Mitt Romney's Tax Dodge
The Biggest Policy Issues Missing From the Campaign
The Real Election 2012 October Surprise: Hurricane Sandy
Sandy Teaches a Lesson
The Final Days, the Biggest Issue, and the Clearest Choice
The Heartland Election
Why I'm Voting Green

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