Monday, October 29, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Oct 29

How To Prepare For A Hurricane? Some Lessons That Preppers Can Learn From Hurricane Sandy
Connelly:  The Countdown to the Fiscal Cliff Has Begun
Buffett:  "No Question" Global Economy is Slowing
Marc Faber:  US Stocks Could Fall 20%
Jim Sinclair: Gold Is Going To And Through $ 3,500
It Could Still Go Either Way
The Perils Of Bubbles And Speculative Finance
43 TRILLION dollar suit against U.S. govt. officials and major banks!
CNBC article on 43 Trillion Lawsuit has been taken down
Obama's Real Second Term Plan
The $100 Billion Storm:

Poll: Romney, Obama tied at 49-49 in Ohio
After Bush v. Gore,

Virginia Gov. McDonnell:

Cutter: Des Moines Register endorsement not based 'in reality'
LIBOR Rates.
Worst of Sandy Yet to Come: Northeast Impacts
Is The World Abandoning The U.S. Economy?
If Elected, Moderate Mitt Will Disappear
World's Most Powerful Laser Beams to Zap Nuclear Waste
Hurricane Alters Campaign as Democrats Point to Early Lead
Exchanges Close Trading Floors as Hurricane Sandy Nears
LEADERSHIP: Romney Uses Campaign Bus


Romney and Obama: A Tax Comparison Part 2
Mass Firings Soar at Fastest Pace Since 2010
Is the Market Plunging Over an Earnings Cliff?
Frequently Asked Questions on Hyperinflation
Swing state's newspaper backs Romney
Francois Hollande holds crisis talks

Hurricane Sandy: millions brace for impact
Union members campaign for Obama

Sales By US Mint Of Silver Outpace Gold Over Fifty-Fold
N.J. nuclear plants brace for oncoming storm, rising waters
About Raising Taxes as the "Solution" to the Fiscal Cliff....
Fed's Lacker says inflation fears underpin policy dissent
Fiscal cliff could hit economy harder than many expect
A Romney victory could spook the US markets
Tightening fiscal policy on this scale

Europe left behind

Germany rattled as taxpayer losses loom in Greece
Barclays slashes bankers' pay by up to half as profits fall
Hurricane Sandy delays Google's tablet launch
Does the Fed Favor Republican Presidents?
If Mitt Romney Loses,

Romney's Cold War Ponzi Scheme
U.S.-Russia Relations in Presidential Campaign Spotlight
Meet the fiscal cliff-divers,

Federal Salary Council's call

Romney makes economic case against Obama
Kagan could sway Supreme Court decision on copyright case
Sandy a 'unique, large, dangerous' storm
George Herbert Walker Obama
Marvellous Mitt
White House Tries to Throw Military Under Bus
Israel Conducts Air Strike

Some Follow-Up Questions For The Bundesbank, And Its Gold
What Fiscal Cliff?

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