Friday, October 26, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Oct 26

PIMCO Recommends Hard Commodities To Weather Inflation
The Next Stock Market Crash Will Be Bigger Than “Black Monday”
World "Close" To Recession:  Stanley Fischer
We Have Been Warned - Part 2
Why the US is NOT the New Saudi Arabia
Countries Start to Resume Trade with Iran

Will President Obama Fire Hillary?
This Storm Is Long Overdue!
The Regulation Cliff That We Will Face in 2013
Eric Schmidt is headed to Paris

Back When Democrats Knew Economics
The Plan, the Man, and the Believers
Will The Bottom Fall Out?

Working-class voters

Obama: No doubt Romney win could overturn Roe v. Wade
Corporate leaders warn

There Is No National Debt Unless You Want It
LIBOR Rates.
Ford to Cut 5,700 Jobs With Three European Plant Closings
Baseball World Series Opener's TV Rating Drops 13% From 2011
Brazil's Gold Reserves Rise For First Time Since 2008
Hubbard Said to Prefer Treasury to Fed If Romney Wins
Republican Colin Powell Endorses Obama Re-Election
Think Gold's Pricey Now?

Home Prices Push Low-Wage Workers Out of Cities
Standout central bank Gold action

Hurricane Sandy Risks to Northeast Coast Grow
All Debt Is Not Created Equal
Romney and Obama: A Tax Comparison
Silver Demand In China For Wealth Protection

The Demise of Cash
The Fiscal Cliff and Demographic Drag
The New Obama
Why Freddie Mac Resisted Refis
Business investment stalls as "fiscal cliff" looms
IMF's epic plan to conjure away debt and dethrone bankers
Eurozone nears Japan-style trap

Did the For-Profit College Bubble Just Go Pop?
Romney's China-Bashing Is 100% Correct ... but 5 Years Late
Donald Trump's Latest Challenge to Obama

Drone Wars: From 'Kill Lists' to the 'Disposition Matrix'
No Denial: 'Son of Detroit'

Hillary Clinton suggests she could stay at State
Ford cutting 1,500 jobs in U.K. as European losses grow
Churches openly defy IRS on pulpit politics
U.S. Rushes to Stop Syria

Hand Crank Is a Backup for Your Backup Battery
David Einhorn Explains

Gentlemen, Start Your Deloreans
Before The Election Was Over, Wall Street Won
Presidential Election Preview 2:

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