Thursday, October 25, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Oct 25

Marc Faber:  Western World In "Colossal Mess" In 5-10 Years
Peeved? Apple will exchange your 3rd-gen iPad

Hot Off the Press: Fed to Print $470 Billion in 2013
T-Mobile beefs up Android security with malware protection
U.N. calls for 'anti-terror' Internet surveillance
So just ask them: Western central banks

Triple Top in Gold?
One Chart Explains Why Government Debt

Flaring Increases in the US Due to Low Natural Gas Prices
New Technology Creates Petroleum from Air
The Battleground States That Will Decide the Election
How the Presidential Election Will Impact the Supreme Court
Highest (and Lowest) State & Local Tax Burdens
Romney gains favorability,

Trump offers Obama $5 million for his college, passport records
LIBOR Rates.
Jim Sinclair:  Change In Spread Management By Bullion Banks Will Send Gold Prices $3,500-$12,400
Suddenly, Everyone on Wall Street is Taking the "Red Pill" of Economics
Weimar:  Here's What We Know About The Hyperinflation Horror That Haunts Europe Today
Republicans Eye Return to Gold Standard
'I'm Quite Concerned About Fiscal Cliff': Greenspan
The Germans Are Coming for Their Gold
Gold, Silver to help investors

Gold takes a sigh as US Federal Reserve leaves QE to its own
Fed Cites Moderate U.S. Growth, Takes No New Action
Do they know something we don't?

US sues Bank of America for $1bn

US downplayed effect

What's the big deal with 3D printing?
10 nations that control the world's gold
[Fiscal Cliff] Bigger than Bernanke?
Three Horsemen of a Weakened U.S. Currency
Speculators see rise in gun prices if Obama wins
Obama's Underachieving Foreign Policy
Global Megabanks: Too Big To Handle
Trump to give $5 million to charity if Obama releases records
Fed sticks to stimulus plan, says economy a bit firmer
Bundesbank slashed London gold holdings in mystery move
The Dark Side of Facebook's Triumphant Day
Why Romney Is the War Candidate
October Surprises aren't what they used to be
Plan for hunting terrorists

Ryan: Government rules crippling social safety net
White House winner will have to deal with housing,

The Precious Metal Barter Tax and IRS Mission Creep!
Keiser Report: Asphyxiation Nation (E357)
John Williams: Fed Money Printing

From the Desk of Donald Trump: Major Announcement
Ron Paul Tells The Truth About The Stock Market Crash On Fox
Keiser Report: Washington's Choco Moat (E356)
Must Watch "Rumble in the Monetary Jungle"

Bank of Canada Fires Shot Across Bow, Says "Withdrawal of Stimulus Will Likely be Required"
Why Did The Bundesbank Secretly Withdraw

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