Friday, October 19, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Oct 19

Greece eurozone exit would trigger global economic crisis:

U.S. credit rating will be cut: Pimco
50 Crazy Things That Obama Supporters

Izzy Friedman: What Now For the Price of Silver?
Gold Is Not Back In Favor Yet รข€¦
Jim Rogers on Election 2012: "A Pox on Both Their Houses'
QE Infinity Won't Work, But Here's What Will
If the law won't stop market rigging, what can we do?
Could Social Upheaval in Iran Spark an Oil Bull Market?
Tajikistan's Oil and Gas

Iran Launches Submarine and Destroyer

The Fed's Mission Creep
Why Libya Matters
Mud Pies From the Labor Department
Obama's Hope Fades in Virginia
55 Facts About The Debt And U.S. Government Finances

Google shares nosedive after early earnings misfire
LIBOR Rates.
Citigroup's new CEO likes to quote Spiderman
Hawker Sees Stand-Alone Bankruptcy Exit as Sale Collapses
EU Leaders Commit to Bank Supervisor Design by Year End
Treasuries Snap Four-Day Loss Before Existing Home Sales
One may not like it; what is bad for US economy is good for Gold
World Gold Council publishes Conflict-Free Gold Standard
Thoughts on Roman Circuses (and ours)
Romney camp slams Obama over 'fiscal cliff' veto threat,

Newsweek to axe print edition
Up to 28,000 Syrians have 'disappeared' since uprising began
Koch-backed activists use power of data

Largest US-Israel missile defense drill to kick off
Apple loses tablet copyright appeal against Samsung
Boy Scout files reveal long history of child sex abuse cases
Why Romney Is Afraid To Explain His Tax Plan
EU summit: France to clash with Germany

World's oldest bank Monte dei Paschi di Siena

EU leaders agree 'fiscal facility' plan with eye on budget union
Google and Facebook Have the Same Big Problem:

Will an OPEC Nation's Runaway Inflation

AARP: Please, let payroll taxes go up
Three boring words that could avert the fiscal cliff
CEOs warn Obama, Congress to avoid 'fiscal cliff'
Obama prepared to play hardball
States find other ways to spend mortgage settlement funds
Why the big banks are a mess
2012 ALCS: Detroit Tigers rout New York Yankees

Gallup poll gives Romney a significant lead
Welfare spending jumps 32% in four years
Fighting Hackers:

Depression-Proof Banking

Rense & Texe Marrs - A Hobson's Choice Of Evil For President

Keiser Report: Enema of the State (E354)
Gerald Celente - Trends In The News
"The World Banking Order"

Tom Woods 10/12/2012 @Rio Grande Foundation
"Our Government Overlords Are Just Here to Serve Us"

"I'm talking more openly than I'm comfortable with . ."

Tom Woods interviews Steve Forbes:

Keiser Report: Slippery Snake Split Strategy (E353)

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