Thursday, October 18, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Oct 18

Plot foiled to attack Federal Reserve in Manhattan
U.S. Postal Service Announces New Prices

Don Quixote Is Alive and Well and Living in Spain
U.S. Fires Its Own Broadcasters in Russia
Private Financial Info at Risk If Ecuador's Government

Heritage Experts Analyze Second Presidential Debate
The Trillion Dollar Mistake

Postal Service Hits Borrowing Cap for First Time
Pandit Is Forced Out at Citi
In China, a Move to Tiny Living Space
Townhall Tussle! Reason Takes It To The People

Romney's Obstacle Course
Something Went Wrong Tonight
So Much for Obama's New Era of Responsibility
Town Haul
Moderator Crowley helps Obama rebut Romney on Libya
Aggressive Obama and Romney

Romney surrogate rebukes Crowley

LIBOR Rates.
Pandit's Censured Bonus Unhurt by Smith Barney Writedown
Cap of $25,000 on Deductions Would Cover 32% of Tax Cuts
Gold Set to Decline for First Day in Three Before Chinese Data
Gold to get a new catalyst soon,

HSBC still bullish on Gold; sees $1,900/oz by year end
Is $250K a middle-class income?
Time to Test Iran
Money-Market Resistance
Santelli: Do the Math! Zero Jobs Created!
Sales stumbles raise fresh worry for corporate America
When Candidates Attack
Candy Crowley Almost Got Around to a Question
"For All You Climate Change People"

Millions to take part in largest ever-earthquake drill
Energized Obama Takes Round 2 of Presidential Debates
Arab Awakening and a Failed European Aeronautics Merger
Obama Wins Second Debate With His Record, Not His Vision

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