Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Oct 17

Iran claims 'dozens' of its drones reached Israel
Fed Governor's Plan to Limit Bank Size Fuels Debate
Banks Still Raising Fees-And Hiding Them
Seniors on Social Security squeezed by rising prices
Random Thoughts
Joe Biden's Religion: Catholicism or Leftism?
Will Hillary Resign?
Is China Boycotting US Dollars?
America's Schools: Breeding Grounds for Compliant Citizens
The Last Days Of America? 25 Signs Of Extreme Social Decay
Strange Domes to Line the Texas Coast

LIBOR Rates.
BMO Capital raises 2013 Gold, Silver price forecasts
September CPI Within Inflationary Targets
Soros Warns of EU Self-Destruction
Fear of a Yuan World
China's Pyramid of Power
If Romney Wins, Expect the End of Quantitative Easing
The Future of Gold, Oil & the Dollar
U.S. Exporting Record Amounts of Gold Overseas
Obama or Romney:

Celebrities and the wealthy find ways to keep home sales secret
Pandit leaves Citi without an identity
Pandit quits Citigroup, shocks Wall Street
Foreclosure Filings Drop to Five-Year Low in September
Home Heating Oil Cost Forecast to Jump 19% This Winter
America R.I.P.
A New Year's Banking Union
Israel and Palestine After Oslo
Overcautious Obama
Moment of Truth Approaching for Manufacturers
Fifty years later, Cuba still haunted
Citi's CEO Pandit exits abruptly after board clash
Cuba lifting hated travel restrictions
Japan PM plans new economic stimulus by end-Nov: Kyodo
Fed's Raskin: Regulators don't have "gotcha mentality"
Obama's Last-Minute Bet
Do Republicans, Progressives,

Germany shocks EU with fiscal overlord demand
The Bold Second-Term Agenda

Why Conservatives Don't Really Want

Havana and the Other Cuba
What Are the Koch Brothers Up to These Days, Anyway?
Mitt Romney: The Great Deformer
War Over the Nile River
EU Strengthens Iran Sanctions, Israel Applauds
Paul Ryan Girl "Let's Get Fiscal" Original Video & Lyrics
Paul Ryan Girl

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