Friday, October 12, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Oct 12

Food Is The New Oil And Land The New Gold
Gasoline Prices Set To Rise Through Election Day
Why Mainstream Media,

Greece Hits 25% Unemployment, Germany on Brink of Recession, France And Italy Could Face Another Credit Downgrade, Social Breakdown Is Taking Place Inside Europe..
Pipeline to Nowhere?
EIA Predicts Cold Winter

Obama's 'October Surprise' #1 -- Obfuscation and Diversion
Obama's Game Changes
The Axis of Liberalism Marches to Re-elect Obama
The Monument Society Versus the Free Society
Needed: A New Foreign Policy
Shooting Down the 2nd Amendment, One Lawsuit at a Time
16 Critical Economic Issues That Obama And Romney Avoided During The Debate
Biden and Ryan trade blows

Billionaire CEO Threatens To Fire Employees If Obama Wins
GOP Congressman:

LIBOR Rates.
Wyoming Water Tests in Line With EPA Finding on Fracking
BAE in Play for U.S. Buyers as EADS Deal Fails
Bullard Backs Limiting Banks' Size to Proportion of GDP
Fed Presidents Dismiss

G-7 Discusses Potential Fiscal Measures If Growth Falters
Apple Has Quietly Started Tracking iPhone Users Again,

UBS raises Gold, Silver, Copper 2012, 2013 price forecasts
Why the Drop in Weekly Jobless Claims Is Flawed
How to Save the World from Governments and Banks
Yes, The Fed Is Printing Money
Egypt's Brotherhood heads urged jihad for Jerusalem
Russians back a second term for Obama
Diplomatic push to defuse Iran crisis
Obama campaign draws condemnation

Turkey accuses Russia of supplying Syria with munitions
United States classifies MS-13 street gang

Grounded in Ankara: The Russian 'munitions' flight

Hezbollah confirms it sent drone downed in Israel
A diamond bigger than Earth?
Fed's Bullard-Banks should be smaller to manage failure
U.S. Sues Wells Fargo:

Chicago foreclosures up from year ago, down for the month
1,100 Illinois inmates got unemployment while in jail last year
Global banks bet on green shoots, defy IMF gloom
Why would Scotland turn itself into Greece?
The Year of Consequential Debates
The Romney Family Recipe for Crony Capitalism
Biden-Ryan debate features two Washington veterans

Chinese nationals brought in to fill B.C. coal miner shortage
10 Ass-Kicking Warplanes You've Never Heard Of
Apple Patent Expands

India's Stock Exchange "Closes" After State Bank "Flash-Crash"
Cashin Remembers Germany's Hyperinflation Birthday

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