Friday, October 5, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Oct 05

Money, Power and the Rule of Law
Did Turkey Just Declare War On Syria?
Nick Barisheff: The Destruction Of Currency And Rise Of Gold
Low Global Growth Is Worse Than Mega Sovereign Default: Slowdown Will Depress Corporate Earnings And Trigger Our Next Big Market Crash
Politico Editor: Obama Was Too Busy Being President,

So, Who's Been Bidding Gold Higher?
Gold Hits New High for the Year,

The High Cost of Energy

Giant Natural Gas Pipeline in Alaska Could Cost $65 Billion
Saudi Arabia May Increase

Tough to Build on First Debate Win
Romney's Third Down Conversion
16 Critical Economic Issues

Obama, the day after, slams Romney's claims
Biden: Obama looked 'presidential,' did 'well' against Romney
NRA endorses Romney,

Liberals slam Obama on Social Security
AARP to Obama: Don't mention us again
Was Obama rattled by developing donor scandal story?
Debate was Americans' first glimpse

Money market fund assets fell to $2.564 trillion
LIBOR Rates.
JPMorgan Suit May Worsen Next Crisis
Draghi Says Next Move Not His as Spain Resists Bailout
Gold Traders More Bullish as Holdings Reach Record:

William Koch Loses Bid to Reinstate Counterfeit Wine Suit

Jobs Report May Mean More to Presidential Race Than Markets
Attention Gold, Silver investors:

The Positive Power of Crisis
China to Challenge US Dollar Reserve Currency Status
Hyperinflation Hits Iran; Monthly 70% Inflation Rate
The Scourge of Central Banking
The Only Way Out Is to Devalue
National 'virtual ID card' scheme set for launch

QE3 was a sign of failure
Facebook admits millions of accounts are fake
Why Your Money May Be At Risk After Bank Cyberattacks
Nielsen: 67.2 million watched debate
Presidential debate: Obama,

Romney campaign explains fuzzy green energy math
"You Better Look At Reality ... And Understand What's Coming Next
Water Prices Rise Sharply Across America; Double And Triple In Some Locales
Classmate of both candidates stumped by debate outcome
Why Is Germany Collecting Taxes for the Catholic Church?
Former US defense secretary

Syria wanted Israeli help in securing border, report claims
Turkish military fires into Syria, raising fears of regional conflagration
US says Iran is jamming Western radio broadcasts
Romney Brings 'A' Game to First Presidential Debate
Wanna Get Away From Romney or Obama's America?

Mitt Romney: Third Party Candidate
The First Presidential Debate: Style vs. Substance

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