Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Oct 03

Why Is Germany Collecting Taxes for the Catholic Church?
Maybe Jamie Dimon wasn't so clever with Bear
Startup Says it Can Predict Social Information Flow
Matt Damon fracking film backed by big OPEC member
The Last Housing Crash Is Not Even Over

Countrywide: Don't Look Now, But It's Baaack
Why Oil Prices are Likely to Slide Further
Less than 900 days for hyperinflation in the US?
A “Frightening Pattern” Indicate That We Are Heading To A Massive Economic Catastrophe Unlike Anything Ever Seen And Countdown Clock Is Quickly Approaching Zero
Economists: Fiscal cliff a serious threat, but unlikely
Government: We plan to sue more banks
How Blue Man Group learned to see green
The Fed Plays All Its Cards
Death Knells for the t
Do Western Central Banks Have Any Gold Left???
Newly-Discovered Comet May Outshine The Moon
Facebook Sells More Access to Members
Bill Gross: Bonds Could Be 'Burned to a Crisp'
Why We Are So Rude Online
Socialism vs. Capitalism: Part I
Cheap Politicians
The World's Most Dynamic Religion Is ...
Americans May Be Getting Poorer,

Day of Rage in Greece as More Stringent Cuts Loom
Eurozone Crisis:  Spain Inching Closer to a Meltdown
LIBOR Rates.
America and a ring of fire รข€¦ of debt
Obama's big budget deficits could mean

The Hispanic vote in 2012: Important, but not a gamechanger
The Only Practical Way Out of Our Economic Doldrums
Curing the Pre-Existing Conditions of ObamaCare
NY Attorney General Says More Suits Will Follow JPMorgan
JPMorgan Rivals Face Billions in Damages After MBS Case
Ben Bernanke Says Federal Reserve Is Not Monetizing The Debt
Bill Gross Warning in Outlook Great

Gold Hovers After Touching New Highs
The Growth Recession Of 2012 And The Presidential Election
Pawns in the Game
Cynthia McKinney On Leadership
The Federal Reserve and the Currency Wars
Dollar Deluge Disguises Deceitful Econ Data
Greece pushes for austerity deal as time runs short
"Fiscal cliff" fears may impede faster job growth
Will Silver Shine Brighter Than Gold?
North and South Korea 'on the verge of nuclear war'
How Does a Currency Drop 60% in 8 Days? Just Ask Iran
Think We're the Most Entrepreneurial Country In the World?

If Obama Wins, What Changes for His Second Term?
Aging population a boon for health care workers
With Liberty And Taxes For All
Sunday Law Warning

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