Thursday, September 27, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Sep 27

Iran's Ahmadinejad Says America Entrusted Itself to the Devil
Phoenix Filmmaker Arrested After Allegedly Staging Terrorist Hoax to Test Police Response Time
Fed Prez Spills the Beans

Postal Service Prepares for Second Default in Two Months
Fiscal Cliff, Global Economy Woes Fuel CEO Pessimism
The Fed is Trapped, Gold is the Exit
Bernanke Put: Beware of Easy Money
Chinese-Japanese Senkaku Island Dispute -

UN Plans to Supply Sustainable Energy to the World by 2030
US Navy Develops a Technique

Internet Funding Boom Ends as Fast as It Began
Israel Must Be 'Eliminated'
NFL Blindsided by Ref Furor
The Commute of the Future
Perpetuating Falsehoods
The Obamacare Gift Basket
Survive an End Times Event
Quantitative Easing Did Not Work

Gerald Celente-The First Great War of the 21st Century Has Begun
LIBOR Rates.
How High Oil Prices Will Permanently Cap Economic Growth
Inflation Boogeyman Is Becoming Germany's Worst Nightmare
Nobel Winner Stiglitz Says Time Running Out For Europe's Leaders
Apple Moves Toward a Google-Free Future
Fed's Evans Calls for More Easing, Warns of 'Lost Decade'
Japan Won't Compromise With China

In the red: From Stockton to Scranton, cities are going broke
The Great Game, Gold Arbitrage, & Three Little Pigs
Death Knells for the USDollar
QE3 triggers fear of new currency wars
Egyptian PM Mohamed Morsi to UN:

Athens descends into violence

Most Republicans think west and Islam

Hundreds of thousands of Greeks march against austerity

8 Warning Signs Inflation Is Percolating
Finding The Keys To National Prosperity
China's Rebalancing Act
European lawmakers warn of banking union split
Netanyahu promises tough response to Ahmadinejad
Corporate America sweats as U.S. nears fiscal cliff
Spain is turning into the new Greece,

Not even the great economists of history

Spain's crisis flares again

Can Obama Win Without ACORN?
The Coming Romney Comeback Narrative
Everyone Who Wants a Drone Will Have One Soon
The Post-Apocalyptic Tech Scene
How Much Data Can Facebook Collect

Doug Casey on the 'Worsening Storm,'

QE3 รข€" Pay Attention If You Are in the Real Estate Market
NYT Reporter Confirms Paper Is Purposeful Mouthpiece

Colombia: Opportunities Abound in This Unique Country
Operation Screw

The Miraculous Decoupling Of Reality, For Now
Gold Holds As Equity Dead-Cat-Bounce Folds
A Future Gold Standard?
How Bank Of America Destroyed Football

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