Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Sep 26

Premium hikes for top Medicare drug plans
Iran unveils new long-range drone
Iconic Israeli newspaper of the verge of collapse
Ahmadinejad pushes new world order
Gold is not just a lunatic fringe investment
The Right Way To Break Up The Euro
QE3 Won't Help Consumers or Jobless
Fighting The Terrorists By Terrorizing The Innocent
NFL ref blunder has Vegas worried
A TV As Thin As Saran Wrap

Why Facebook Stock Has Much Farther to Fall
Unemployment Rates Rise in Half of US States
Woodrow Wilson Obama
Obama Versus Obama
10 Reasons Mitt Will Win
It's Not Just the Economy, Stupid!
How Mind-Controlled Devices Will Change Our Future
The Man-Machine Merger
Is Technology Making Us Less Human?
Where Does Money Come From? The Giant Federal Reserve Scam Americans Do Not Understand
Defense firm to close plant, cut 570 jobs
Obama aims at Ohio and Cairo with speech to the United Nations
FTC: Rented computers spied on customers,

LIBOR Rates.
US pivots toward trouble in West Pacific
Barbarians arrive as UN judges Syria
Jobless Rate Rises in Five of 10 U.S. Campaign Swing States
Deutsche Bank Issues A Terrible Warning on the Health of the Global Financial System
Why the 2012 election will be another inside job
Gold has the potential to rise to $3500-4000: Sharps Pixley
Recent drops in Gold have been short lived: UBS
Silver to outperform Gold in coming quarters: Morgan Stanley
Geithner under attack for 'protecting' Citi
Bundesbank Casts Draghi As Devil
IMF says risks remain in financial system

The Spanish public won't accept a financial coup d'etat
Obama uses UN speech to condemn extremism
Merkel: Europe must stay the course with painful reform
Obama: US will 'do what it must' to stop Iran nukes
Security forces on high alert as Israel marks Yom Kippur
Central banks tinker with gold reserves in August
Dow will repeat 2007-2008 peak-crash cycle
Falling profits spell trouble ahead
IMF: Turkey, Russia, Korea boosted gold reserves
Iran test-fires missiles designed to hit warships
Reflections on the effects of War

13 States Now Considering Gold and Silver as Money
America's Election and the Global Economy
Central Banks on the Offensive?
Last Tango in Argentina?
In New York, defiant Ahmadinejad

Gov. Brown gives green light to driverless cars in California
Spain prepares more austerity, protesters battle police
Take the Test to See If You Might Be Considered

Watch Your Tongue: Law Enforcement Speech Recognition System Stores Millions of Voices
Can Facebook Possibly Build a Business Model

The 30 Year Decline of American Entrepreneurship
The NFL's Night of Horror:

It's Getting Pretty Expensive

Facebook Now Knows What You're Buying at Drug Stores
World leaders clash over Syria
Sikorsky Aircraft to close New York plant, cut 570 jobs
Obama garbles U.S. history in human trafficking speech
Politicians grab political football, run with it
Staples picks up pace of closings in U.S., Europe
Gold Holds Post-QE Gains As S&P Drops Most In 2 Months
China, Japan And The Senkaku Islands:

Why Germany Is Going To Exit The Eurozone
Half Of Americans Making Under $30K

One Third Of Athens Businesses Shuttered
Spanish Protest Turns Violent

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