Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Sep 25

Obama Cancels Meeting With Muslim Brotherhood...But, Why?
Ahmadinejad Meets With 'Useful Idiots' Of 'Occupy'

GAO: Obama Administration Flip-Flopping

Crisis Replay… Soon Argentina Will Be on Sale Again
Curing Diabetes with "Self Cell Therapy"
In Stamps We Trust:

19 Signs That America Is Being
Fed's Fisher Says U.S. Inflation Expectations Rising
Does China Plan a Gold-backed Renminbi?
Manipulation of the Gold Price & the Crash of Paper Gold
Draghi And Bernanke's Worst Nightmares Are About To Unfold
Blind, Deaf and Ignorant: 5 Recipes for US Intelligence Failure
Ahmadinejad Tells the New York Press

Don't Miss the Big Show in Silver
Obama's AARP Speech Broke My BS Detector
Something Is Wrong
Americans Are Literally Being Worked To Death
QE4? The Big Wall Street Banks

Ryan says under Obama, Middle East looks like '1979 Tehran'
House members push Obama

New York Times a "Propaganda Megaphone" for War,

Senate Iran Resolution: De Facto Declaration of War?
Feds scramble to halt stink bug invasion
LIBOR Rates.
Caterpillar Cuts 2015 Outlook as Mining Spending Falls
G-20 Agree

Coal and Nuclear Power Can't Substitute for Pricey Oil
Dalio Fears Social Unrest That Led to Hitler's Rise
Liking It Or Not, States Prepare for Health Law
Fed May Need to Boost QE 'Dramatically' This Year: Pros
Education Nation: Rural Arkansas Town Rethinks High School
Kudlow: This Issue Could Trump Economy with Voters
Hamas signs binding military commitment

QE3, Deleveraging, and Radical Monetary Management
The Road to Serfdom in Venezuela
"Do You Own Gold?" Ray Dalio at CFR: "Oh Yeah, I Do"
Former US President Carter:

The Power of the Mormon Church Over Mitt Romney
Olive oil prices to soar after Spanish drought devastates crop
IMF hints at more time for Greece to implement hardline austerity
Obama to address Middle East unrest in UN keynote speech
Syrian jets bomb Aleppo

The Fed's US Land-Grab

The Trouble With Printing Money:  QE3 Reflects A Colossal Failure To Address Our Predicament
Iran could launch pre-emptive Israel strike-commander
Fiat to make U.S. cars in Italy as government mulls incentives
Chinese electronics factory closed after 2,000 riot
Toyota drops plan for widespread sales of electric car
In New York, defiant Ahmadinejad

Bundesbank castigates IMF for saving Europe
Paul Volcker: ring-fencing banks is not enough
Václav Klaus warns that the destruction

Iranian general threatens pre-emptive strike against Israel, attacks on US bases
Tehran says new drone can reach most Mideast destinations
Romney's nightmare scenario
IMF chief Lagarde warns of renewed global downturn,

Iran accuses Germany's Siemens of alleged nuclear sabotage, company denies ties to project
Washington state's first 'zombie bees' reported;

Jim Grant offers his Observations on QE to Infinity

Globalists Want Chinese-Style Control

Big War of 21st Century Has Begun Gerald Celente

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