Thursday, September 20, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Sep 20

The Truth Behind the Romney "Gaffe"
10 Quotes From Financial Experts About The Effect That QE3 Will Have On Gold And Silver
Chinese General: Prepare for Combat
Two million more expected to pay penalty under Obamacare
Why North American Gas Prices Are So High
Can the Fed Survive After QE3?
Growing Unemployment and Civil Unrest -

White House demands military prisons

Thousands flee as Guatemalan volcano erupts
Is America The Most Materialistic Society

Sen. McCain: US should consider option

Library of Congress unveils new

Bernanke holds closed-door meeting with senators on fiscal cliff
CBO: Obamacare mandate

Final testing under way for Wyoming supercomputer
Obama administration, Fed,

LIBOR Rates.
Alaska F-22s deployed to Pacific

Waging war: A US monopoly
USS Romney goes Titanic
Obama at a Syrian crossroads
Fed's Fisher Says U.S. Inflation Expectations Rising
Obesity Drugs Gain Attention on FDA Backing for Therapies
CBO Says 6 Million in U.S.

'Consumerist culture: One deterrent for a Gold Standard'
Emerging market central bank Gold demand to continue: Deutsche Bank
Gold may hit new highs in medium term
Gold to consolidate before breaking new highs
Gold to reach new high of $2,000/oz

Silver climbs 211% in less than 4 years: Silver Institute
5 Ways QE3 Will Affect Your Wallet
Mortgage Rates Get Back To Record Lows
Fiscal Cliff Becomes Investors' Worst Fear
The Trouble With Printing Money
Why Bernanke Refuses To Let Oil Prices Fall
Bank of Japan Joins the Party
Intel introduces palm reading biometric
Canceled contracts dog real-estate recovery
Fed's dual mandate on the table in wake of QE3
The Next Task for China's New Leaders
Western report - Iran ships arms, personnel to Syria via Iraq
Bernanke briefs lawmakers on fiscal cliff
Fed's Bullard says QE3 was launched too soon
A Rare Look at Why The Government Won't Fight Wall Street
Is Inflation Back From the Dead?
Money printing has only allowed governments

Japan launches QE8 as 20-year slump drags on
U.S. Income Inequality:

The Brilliant Prudence of Dwight Eisenhower
Tensions Mount in the Strait of Hormuz
HUD paid over $1B in false claims
Iran preparing internal version of Internet
Watchdogs headed for heavy budget cuts
Senator Alan Simpson on the

Pedro Schwartz on the creation of money out of thin air
DHS "Arming Itself to The Teeth" for Massive Civil Unrest
Deutsche Bank: Gold Is Money
Dear Obese America:

The Experimental Economy
'Krugman's Kryptonite' Pedro Schwartz

Tungsten-Filled 10 Oz Gold Bar Found

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