Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Sep 18

Panetta Warns of War Between China and Japan

Fed Bets Big In New Push To Rescue Economy
Gold & Silver Prices Today On Fire!
The Next Recession Will Be Triggered By Oil
Fiscal Cliffs and Monetary Mountains
A new gold standard?
All Signs Pointing to Gold
Qatar: Rich and Dangerous
Can Syria's Rebels Overthrow Assad?

Shell Suffer Yet Another Delay to Arctic Drilling Plans
Israeli Leader Takes Iran Case to U.S. TV Viewers
Printing Evolves: An Inkjet for Living Tissue
The Plus-Size MRI Machine
Training Teachers to Embrace Reform
The Return of Facebook's Winklevoss Twins
Constitution Day 2012
Just as Intended, Teachers Strike Hurts Families
Firing Up the Money Printing Presses
Dr. Krugman on How QE Could Work….
How the Fed Will Force a Mispricing of Risk
It's Later Than Any Dare Think
Calif. exchange wants TV shows

Report: Treasury resists pressure

LIBOR Rates.
How The Financial Collapse Would Happen In An Obama Second Term
US Jobless Claims Rise To Highest In Two Months
U.S. Banks Ignore Europe's Lesson on Greed
Will Germans Pick Up the Tab for Deutsche Bank, Too?
China-Japan Dispute Over Islands Risks $340 Billion Trade
Chinese Riots on Japan Pit Confucius Against Self-Interest
Fed Says Joblessness Would Be 7%

Today, Mitt Romney Lost the Election
Chicago teachers mull contract details, continue strike
China's Silver buying interest advances
Gold is extremely bullish, target $1791, 1803: Barclays
Update: Hackers exploit new IE zero-day vulnerability
Bickering Continues over EU Bailouts, ECB Powers
Germans Don't Love the Euro
Oil Aiming at $100 a Barrel
Playing With Fire
Stimulus: To Infinity and Beyond
Enough With The Fed's Transparency Already!
Central Bankers, Chinese Stimulus, and Blackjack
Secretive Oil Billionaire Scores New $550M Payday
Beijing's Folly: As Goes Steel, So Goes China
Memo To Mitt Romney: The 47% Pay Taxes Too
Romney Fail: Caught On Video

Beware of China's Quantitative Tightening
Marc Faber: Federal Reserve Policies Will 'Destroy the World'
Freedom, Blasphemy, and Violence
Iran Confronts Reality
Is Europe's Financial Crisis Over?
Normalizing Italy
Ben's Latest Move Has a Desperate Air
Mitt Romney's Bizarre Attack on the Fed
The Oil Push Is Coming
Egypt-Iran Intelligence Meeting Prompts Fears of New Terror Axis
The American Election's Global Reach
We Vote, They Rule: The Case for Voter Rebellion
We Wonâ€"for Now
Why Romney and Ryan Are Going Down
QE and the new Fed plan: what are its dynamics
Either You Believe In Math; Or You Believe In Magic
Dagan vs Netanyahu
How China's Rehypothecated "Ghost" Steel Just Vaporized, And What This Means For The World Economy
It's Just Getting Stupid!

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