Friday, September 14, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Sep 14

A Cybersecurity Executive Order Could Harm Security
Chicago Teachers' Retirement Benefits Are Extravagant
Government Agencies Using Criminal Law for Self-Promotion
Medicare Reform Debate:

New Wave of Attacks on U.S. Embassies
Fed acted because Congress is lame
Gold & Silver Prices Today On Fire
The Fed and the ECB determine to Destroy the Middle Class
Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts -

OPEC Predicts More of the Same
Romney Energy Plan - Good or Bad for America? - Part Two
Libya - Doomed from Day One
Bacteria Consumed Over 200,000 Tons of Oil

Resisting the Monetary Morphine Fix
Libya Commemorates 9/11
Time for School Choice in Chicago
Forcing Israel's Hand
QE3: Helicopter Ben Bernanke

Things Are Getting Worse:

Fed unveils bold, open-ended steps to aid economy
Franchisors warn Obamacare will halve profits
Tax on Amazon purchases in Calif. begins Saturday
LIBOR Rates.
China Communists Near Soviet Tenure as Leader Pick Looms
Fed Undertakes QE3 With $40 Billion Monthly MBS Purchases
U.S. Jobless Claims Rise to Highest in Two Months: Economy
Chinese Ships Enter Waters Near Islands Disputed With Japan
Treasury Inflation Indicators Surge on Fed Bond Buying
QE3: May not be a U-turn for the global economy
US Federal Reserve announces new round of QE;

UCLA shuts down

Violence spreads across Middle East over anti-Islam film
New Arab leaders must defuse tensions
Fed announces bond-buying stimulus to spur economic growth
Walmart supplier NFI's warehouse workers

Chicago teachers' strike nears end

Revealed: inside story of US envoy's assassination
$86M White House Big Dig ending,

The Revolution From Above
For Whom Syria Tolls
Text of Fed Statement on QE3
Iraqi militia threatens U.S. interests over film
Obama vows to "bring to justice" ambassador's killers
Wholesale inflation rises; labor market struggles
Fed bets big in new push to rescue economy
Recovery at risk from fiscal cliff-Bernanke
Era of 'jobs-targeting' begins as Fed launches QE3
QE3: The Fed's New Stimulus Is a Monster,

The Sources of the Euro Crisis

Marc Faber on Hedging the Bernanke Put

David Kotok on EU Fireflies and a Market Rehab for Easy Money!
Keiser Report: Banksters Bilking Billions (E340)

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