Thursday, September 13, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Sep 13

New Public-Private Partnerships:

Thanks Obama - The Terrorists You Used

The Canadian Housing Bubble Nears Implosion
Peter Schiff: The Only Way To Fix The Economy Is To Let It Fai
A party in Europe, but a hangover is coming
September 11, 2012
QE3 won't create jobs
Developed World in Financial Decay รข€"

Will we see a Big Sell-Off in the Coming Weeks?
MIT Develop Simple, Fast, Efficient

J.P. Morgan Reorganizes Investment Banking
U.S. Missions Stormed in Libya, Egypt
Libya Attack Sparks Crisis
Depending on Dependency
Obama's Slap at Netanyahu
US moving Navy destroyers off coast of Libya
Not a Neighborly Day in the Brotherhood
Things Are Getting Worse: Median Household Income

LIBOR Rates.
Jobs Data Show US Factories Bearing Brunt of Slowdown
Miss In U.S. Payrolls Spurs Talk of New Fed Stimulus
S&P 500 Rallies to Highest Since 2008 on Stimulus Bets
Bernanke Should Do the Right Thing and Not Say He's Sorry
Chicago Teachers Shouldn't Be Obstacle to School Progress
QE3 hopes: Gold markets ready to press bull button
Dollar no longer primary oil currency

Cui Bono Fed: Who Benefits from the Federal Reserve?
A Europe Devoid of Sovereign Democracies
Understanding the Rules

White House declines Netanyahu request to meet with Obama
Netanyahu: Those that refuse to set red lines


Libya attack may have been planned, sources say
U.S. envoy to Libya killed in riot over movie
Why the Fed's words mean more than its actions

Number of U.S. poor holds steady but earnings gap grows
The euro's demise may be the final chapter of the ERM debacle
German court backs ESM rescue fund in double-edged ruling
Live Long and Pay for It: America's Real Long-Term Cost Crisis
'The Super Bowl of School Reform':

'Sam Bacile, Israeli Jew,'

Photos from the Aftermath of the Benghazi Embassy Attack
Sam Bacile: The Mysterious Filmmaker

U.S. Sending Drones to Hunt Libyan Attackers
Mitt Romney's Comments on Embassy Attacks Backfire Badly
Israel's Netanyahu opens the door to Iran attack
MI6 chief was British messenger

Mayor Rahm-Ney's Attack on the Chicago Teachers Union
Markets rally after German high court

Census: Middle class shrinks to an all-time low
What Comes After Assad?
Who Built the Recession?
The Tom Woods / Max Keiser Debate
Keiser Report: Blackhole of Bamboozlement (E339)
'Anti-Islam film a pretext;

Nigel Farage destroys Barroso's State of the Union

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