Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Sep 11

How Anonymous plans to use DNS as a weapon
GoDaddy outage makes websites unavailable

US Job Cuts Hit 20-month Low, But Layoffs Heavy Overseas
Lackluster Economy Shows Stronger Pulse
Jim Rogers Sees Worse Recession in 2013-2014,

84 Statistics Showing The Collapse Of The Middle Class Is Real
National Conventions: It's My Party and I'll Lie If I Want To
Go Daddy-service Web sites taken down in apparent attack
Gold & Silver Slip But "Set to Benefit"

As the Euro Tumbles, Spaniards Look to Gold
OPEC has Probably Deceived Us

The Implications of Saudi Arabia becoming a Net Oil Importer
Wind Energy Could Meet Global Power Demand 100 Times Over
The True History of Simpson-Bowles
Pigskin Progressivism
Giant 'balloon of magma'

Cellphone Tracking is Common and Policies Vary, Says ACLU
Updated! Why Chicago Teachers Are Striking

GoDaddy Outage Takes Down Millions Of Sites,

Are You Better Off?  40 Statistics That Will Absolutely Shock You!
The Real Unemployment Numbers

The Student Loan Debt Bubble

LIBOR Rates.
Chicago tops nation in travel tax burden
Teachers strike expected to go into 2nd day
Euro Zone Will Pay 'Terrible Price': Jim Rogers
Union: Chicago teachers to go on strike
Jim Rogers:

Chicago teachers strike updates: 2nd day of strike likely
David Stockman: U.S. Faces Permanent Fiscal Cliff
JPMorgan Chase Libor Subpoenas

HP to cut 2,000 more jobs, rolls out four new computers
Fannie Mae regulator to clarify when it won't sue
How to pick the right Apple iPhone 5 plan
Soros: Germany's heading into depression
Stockman: Our Problem is the Federal Reserve
Europe's Solidarity Imperative
Mitt Romney and America's Four Deficits
Nationalism and Terrorism
Why ECB Bond-Buying Plans Undermine Democracy
Roubini sees 'perfect world economic storm' â€" why is this new 'news'?, Coming changes to Canada's GDP measurements, Germans voice concerns over ECB's Outright Monetary Transactions Program
IMF chief Lagarde highlights perils of US fiscal cliff
Every Job We Created and Lost in the Last 5 Yearsâ€"in 2 Graphs
Smith & Wesson Posts Huge Earnings
Watch Darpa's Robotic Dog Follow Its Master
Apple Device IDs Leaked by Anonymous

Intel and AMD Follow in Footsteps of Mysterious Google Switch
GoDaddy Goes Down After Apparent DNS Server Outage
Amid Outage, GoDaddy Moves DNS to Competitor VeriSign
Mystery Google Device Appears in Small-Town Iowa
Peter Schiff "Economy Collapse Near"
DARPA Legged Squad Support System (LS3)

How the Market Can Cure the Health Care Crisis

Chris Hedges Warns of Authoritarian Takeover
Agenda 21: The End of Freedom
The Machine: The Truth Behind Teachers Unions

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