Monday, September 10, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Sep 10

ECB to buy Spanish bonds, but with strings attached
Marc Faber - The Most Dangerous Trend Facing The World Today
Enjoy the Rally While it Lasts,

Taxmageddon 2013:

Expert: U.S. Will Be On Gold Standard Within 2 Years
U.S. to Slash Stake in AIG
The Real Unemployment Numbers

LIBOR Rates.
8 Reasons Why No One Should Ignore The Coming Economic Collapse
Alan Greenspan on His Fed Legacy and the Economy
Student Loans: Debt for Life
Reflationary Train Leaving the Station

Subprime Auto Nation
Are Rescue Efforts Too Late to Prevent a Global Recession?
Yes, We Can Make iPhones in America
Bernanke Revives "We're All Keynesians Now"
Shahid Khan:

Jeff Bezos And The End of PowerPoint As We Know It
Beijing To Bernanke: Bring On QE3, Fast
Judge upholds government's claim

George Soros urges Germany to save euro
Fate of eurozone rests in the hands of German judges
IMF backs ECB's plan to buy bonds
FBI launches $1 billion face recognition project
Spinning Bad Financial News Into Good
The Heart of the US Election
Why Germany Should Lead or Leave
Jobs rut tips scales in favor of Fed stimulus
Carthaginian terms for Italy and Spain

What if Spain refuses to play Mario Draghi's game?
George Soros: Germany should back growth or leave euro
Obama and Romney Are All Promises

The U.S. Government

Unemployment Benefits Claims Fall 12,000
Inflation Fears, Looming Fiscal Cliff Send Gold Soaring
Economic recovery sending mixed signals ahead of election
Illegals not in health plan
Rick Santelli Reacts to Obama DNC Speech
August 2012 Employment Report
GoldSeek Radio's Chris Waltzek

ECB Announces Bond Buying Program
Bob English Shines the Light of Inflation

Rick Santelli Quantifies One Trillion
GATA's Bill Murphy on the JP Morgan Silver Shortage

Keiser Report: Euthanized Economy (E338)
June Food Stamp Recipients Hit All-Time High As Three Times As Many Americans Enter Poverty Than Find Jobs

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