Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Interesting Headlines in the News Sep 05

Everything You Need To Know About The September 12 German Court Decision That Could Rock The Entire World
Eurozone is running out of options and time

Did Obama Just Make A Deal With Israel

Bernanke Lifts Wall Street, Keeps Stimulus In Play
Invest in Silver Before Prices Climb Higher
The "Mobile Wave" is So Huge America Will Literally Be Reborn
Will Fiscal Cliff Trigger Muni Bond Defaults?
Why Oil Prices Will Remain High
The Gold Standard Goes Mainstream
Debt and Loving It
What Is Mitt Romney's Plan for Afghanistan?
Now There Is No Hope
Obama's Ideological Convention
The DNC's Bold Lies
18 Indications That Europe Has Become An Economic Black Hole Which Is Going To Suck The Life Out Of The Global Economy
Some Of The Really Bad Things That Could Happen If You Do Not Prepare For The Coming Economic Collapse
Economic Shock:  Global Food Prices Jump 10%
Democrats face tough decision

President is 'kindred spirit' says first lady Michelle Obama
Democrats have reins

LIBOR Rates.
Why America is much worse off that it was four years ago
Facebook Falls To Record Low After Morgan Stanley Report
Why Niall Ferguson Is Right on ObamacareĆ¢€"Mostly
Moody’s Changes Euro Zone Rating Outlook to ‘Negative’
Record 46 Million Americans Are on Food Stamps
Gold will reach $1,750/oz by 2012 year end
Will the German Court undo the Eurozone?
Hacker group claims access to 12M Apple device IDs
Eurozone demands six-day week for Greece
FBI denies hacking group AntiSec

Egypt closes in on $1bn US debt deal
Outlook remains negative

Julian Castro: 'Mitt Romney just doesn't get it'
Big-money funds buy foreclosures -- to rent
Why does Social Security need 174,000 bullets?
The shrinking middle class
Student debt crisis enters a tipping point
Auto lenders go back to subprime borrowers
Manufacturing another headache for U.S. economy
U.S. accuses BP of "gross negligence" in 2010 oil spill
French judges investigating Arafat's death seek exhumation
The threat of $600bn of fiscal tightening

Brinkmanship as Spain warns over bail-out terms
Who Are America's Schools Laying Off?

Was Gen. Dempsey Goading Israel to Attack Iran?
Are We Better Off Than 4 Years Ago? Of Course Not
The Fed's Dirty Easy Money
Democrats accuse Republican critics of 'stunning,

Syrian use of chemical weapons

Life Is Sacred
Tampa Defines the Charlotte Imperative
The Root of Europe's Problem
Abortion issue sets tone for women at DNC
Clinton presence undercuts Democrats' celebration of women
Did The Great Financial Crisis

Bernanke: "We Can't Really Prove It,

What Happens Once Mario Draghi

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